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    if it is true, it is Sprint's option. HP wants every carrier in the world to sell their stuff.
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    Can't say im at all suprised. I've already dropped webos as of a couple months to the nexus s. I can't say I really like android but being a techy I can get used to it. The biggest thing im enjoying is the speed.

    One day ill be back once my contract is up... 2 years down the line... since sprint isn't likly to get another webos device till the LTE change over me thinks.
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    I was on the fence before but ended up getting the Nexus as a result of this news. Hope to be back on webOS someday though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dsei View Post
    I was on the fence before but ended up getting the Nexus as a result of this news. Hope to be back on webOS someday though.
    It is sad to read this. You are a Homebrew supporter and your memberhsip here dates back to the Treo days.
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    I trust "this is my next" more than hp's word.

    pre will get document editing and flash by then end of the year -2009

    The pre will get webos 2.0

    We're done announcing devices, and waiting months before releasing them

    Touchpad will launch with ten's of thousands of apps.

    Note: just because they don't currently have a deal, it doesn't mean that they won't get one in the future. I trust This Is My Next a fair amount. They don't always get everything 100% right, but their track record is at worse equal to palm's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by milominderbinder View Post
    It is sad to read this. You are a Homebrew supporter and your memberhsip here dates back to the Treo days.
    lol.. you pointing that out is the definition of irony.
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    Quote Originally Posted by milominderbinder View Post
    It is sad to read this. You are a Homebrew supporter and your memberhsip here dates back to the Treo days.
    Yeah I felt the same but maybe it's for the best. It's kind of felt like a bad relationship this whole time anyway. I want and should leave her but I can't.

    What was ironic is that while at Best Buy picking up the Nexus, I ran into an HP rep pimping the Touchpad. I vented my frustrations over the Pre3 and he agreed. Turned out he was on Sprint as well and was an Evo...
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    I'm done now. Been a supporter of the elegant handsets since the Handspring ~2003 ?

    HP has broken my customer loyalty to the platform.

    Currently a Pre- user, was waiting for Pre3

    Within a few weeks I'll have an Android 2.3 phone
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    Sprint please we been loyal to you for years you brought us a new device 2 years ago something new, the Palm Pre. I had a Treo back then running on Windows and I was ok with it, used to freeze here and there and everywhere, but I was ok with it. Then surfing on the net one day I found this new device the almighty Pre with this revolutionary OS I waited from january to june and finally it came out june 06 ever since I been a proud owner of this device is not the phone itself but the OS that stand out. Time has come to make a desicion: carrier vs. Os please Sprint help your loyal subscribers to stay with you. You just don't show the best Os to your customer and walk away of it. I was a verizon cust. A cellular one (att) before and I been a Sprint customer for the last 9 years, one of the reasons to be here your phones I always liked your products. But we got admit that something like WebOs doesn't come everyday don't leave us in the shadows with an older device just hopping for a new hardware that can handle the best OS on the market! I don't want to leave you Sprint but my hands are sweating and with my contract up and the launch of the new flagship of WebOs (pre3) I'm thinking where my three phone numbers will go next! Help me Sprint!! ( by the way I don't like Android )
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    I hope WEBOS users are not as DUMB as IPHONE user... The IPHONE people paid top dollar for a device ...I am waiting for the PRE 3 on Sprint but if it does not become available I am not going to pay top dollar (AT&T and Verizon) to have one. Sprint plans are the best and I intend to keep using Sprint. I guess if a WEB OS device does not come to Sprint I will have to go to ANDROID. Any way I get a new phone every two years there is always time to go back..
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    I'm really torn (and frustrated).

    I have been with Sprint since June 1998 and with Palm for about as long (Palm III, Treo 600 (thus my Nov 2003 beginnings on TreoCentral), Treo 700p, and now Pre-, Pre+ (Franken), and Pre2 (Franken)). It's weird, because I never thought I'd get to this point to think about leaving webOS, but over the past few weeks (since the TP launch), I'm just not 100% sure HP can truly get ahead of the curve in the mobile devices space. I like the TP, but I wouldn't say I love or or need to have it right now. It didn't blow me away and is just not that impressive from the perspective of design, look, and feel and more importantly the extent of functionality and utility it has right now -- see my App rant below. At this point, it feels like HP will still be chasing the leaders for some time to come and not actually trying to leapfrong to take a leadership position themselves. I still hope I'm wrong, but only time will tell (and it seems to have taken way too long already...)

    So, I'm within a couple months of possibly giving up and going to an Android device -- My personal likes / needs are listed below, and no Android device is perfect (for me) either yet, so I'm still going to hang on to my Franken-Pre2 and wait it out a bit longer -- But it's currently not looking good for HP / Palm, I'd say I'm 70% likely to stay on Sprint and go to Android than to move to another Carrier for the Pre 3. Is there a poll on this anywhere?

    My current analysis

    Sprint (Android) - Likes:
    • Most economical plans for me: family plans & excellent corp discount ($300-500 per year difference than if I went to VZW)
    • App availability - see WebOS needs
    • NFC Payment system (soon)
    • I use Google services for everything so the integration would just be 'easier.' Sprint Nav is OK, but I used Google Maps directions on a friends LG the other day. Pretty good.
    • Voice integration... Voice Search, Google Voice, etc..
    • Widget views to access core PIM information at the fingertips

    Sprint (Android) Needs:
    • Still no (high-end and well received) android phone that's "perfect" (for me): Portrait Slider Keyboard form factor.
    • No inductive charging -- LOVE the TS and it would be hard to go to a phone that doesn't have it.
    • Would be really nice to have webOS-like multi-tasking and cards
    • Android fragmentation - I included this to be fair but it might not be a major issue for someone willing to buy the top end phones. Moreover, Google seems to be addressing some of this recently. Also, WebOS fragmentation isn't the best right now either....

    webOS Likes:
    • Overall Best UI and mobile OS (notifications, multi-tasking)
    • Homebrew support & community (patching, overclocking, and preware/sconix)
    • Touchstone charging

    webOS Needs:
    • "Official" App support beyond the 'biggest' services. Independent devs and homebrew (both of whom I have supported a lot in the last 2 years by buying apps or donating) have worked wonders to minimize some of the downside here. But their efforts can only go so far. Having official support in certain sectors (notably financial services, fitness, and several mainstream media consumption) remains critical for webOS to be considered a viable alternative. RANT: I'm really sick of seeing "Android App Available" for services I'd legitimately use at least 3-4 times /month (if not more frequently) while webOS support for most web Services (non FB or Twitter) are NONEXISTENT or MINIMAL at best. Examples that would be important to me are: my bank and other financial services (MINT, Credit Cards,etc) ,, Runkeeper /, WindowsHomeServer, Amazon/Google Music, Tivo or Windows Media Center Remote, Netflix, and my home automation thermostat control system. Even some of the services we do have (again, except twitter or FB apps) are not being updated to keep up with the features available on the Android / IOS versions (Dropboxify-Independent, Casa-Independent, Evernote-official, and Trapster-official) are some examples of a functional, but not aggressively maintained app.
    • Trust - I'm not sure I trust HP to do the right things going forward for my needs. While this holds true now for the current owners of Pre- and Pre+ (maybe Pre2) devices, what if the same about face happens to the next Gen owners as well (Pre3 and Touchpad) when the next best thing comes along? I do realize that most Android manufacturers are probably no better then HP on the topic of updating devices, but I think with appropriate planning and buying decision, I could be sure that I'd be happy for long enough to want to move on to the next best thing -- the problem with Palm is only the most sophisticated of users have been able to do that because there has been no broadly available device pipeline. Even though I'm one of the users who could get himself to a Pre2 on Sprint, I'm still a bit annoyed by the philosophy to abandon the old in favor of the new... on devices as well as Apps (mojo) which won't always run well or at all on webOS 3.0. On a broader scale, what if HP decided to pack it up if they don't build the user base they want in 12-18 months? It's happened before (Nokia's Meego before it really ever had a chance to launch, N9 excluded...)

    I place the fault for the app availability holes and the lack of support on Sprint clearly in HPs court. For apps, there's not enough webOS installed base to justify most web services businesses to develop webOS apps. I'd love to see a world where things swing the other way and HTML5 Websites/Webapps are broadly available and equivalent in functionality and UI to their proprietary on-device counterparts, but we're not there yet. As others have noted many times, HP should be paying armies of Mojo / Enyo experts to have these apps built and maintained for 350-500 of the most popular apps on other platforms. Don't make app availability an issue for someone (like me) to use as a point of differentation. Note, that I'm not saying WebOS needs 50,000 or 250,000 apps -- that argument is irrational and silly, but we do need a couple thousand core 'apps' for services that are important to people. For me recently, this is becoming a major downside of webOS.

    Further, as it relates to Sprint, maybe Sprints' alliance with Google has literally closed off any ability for HP to get it, but I doubt it. If HP wanted to, they could flex their muscle ($$$) to make it happen, so I'm not going to blame sprint on that one either. These are HP issues for HP to fix, (by either passively hoping the OS and devices become popular enough to justify support from the carriers and app devs or by taking action to make those things happen. I'm really hoping HP has plans in place to take the active approach...

    In the end, in reviewing my "needs" summaries, I honestly wonder which of the two sets will be addressed first. And I tend to place my bets (70%) that there will be an Android device on Sprint that I'd be happy with in the next 6 months (or that I could make some minor concessions to be happy with - maybe I'd be OK without a real keyboard?) than (30%) WebOS gaining broad acceptance and support in the App Arena.

    It's sad, but that's where I currently see it. I hope WebOS doesn't go the route of Nokia's MeeGo. I hope I'm wrong.
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    Count me amongst the frustrated Pre- owners. I've been eligible for upgrade for awhile, and now I'm thinking about jumping ship. Really, the only thing keeping me on Sprint is the truly unlimited data, but I love my touchstone too much to go to a droid and I'm not a big data user anyway.

    Yeah, WebOS is great and all, but I've got a touchstone in every vehicle, at home, and in the office. There's nothing like being able to just toss the phone on a Touchstone and know it'll stay there and be charged when I pick it up.

    So, it'll be either Franken-Pre or another carrier at some point this fall.
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    I mentioned this last month to the Sprint rep that called me. "Why is Sprint walking away from and risking losing customers it already has for the sake of not carrying another phone in their lineup". At 33,000,000 subscribers and if only 2% remain with the pre- and pixi's at $69 per month that puts over $45,000,000 a month in revenue at risk of making a change in carriers. Say only 10% change to another carrier, that is still $4,500,000 a month of revenue lost over not carrying one Webos phone in their lineup. To me that does not make any economic sense. The Sprint rep indicated that the logic of my argument was sound but of course she was not involved in phone selection decisions (but of course would pass my views on, like it would make any difference). But in reality, it appears to me that this is an ego thing between HP and Sprint, because even if the percentages of Sprint/WebOS are low they still represent a decent amount of revenue that exceeds the cost of carrying another phone or the cost of getting replacement subscribers. As I mentioned to the Sprint rep, even though I am a long time Sprint customer, dating back to my Handspring Treo, it does not harm me to move, as I don't use a large amount of data and combining with my son's existing Verizon account will only be slightly more expensive that our separate accounts. I have always used smartphones for the local apps so reasonable data limits don't cause me any problems and the cost to reload data will exceed the cost to switch to Verizon. So count me in as another lost Sprint customer over this dumb (per reliable sources) decision.

    I also agree with a previous poster that both HP and Sprint have nothing to gain from announcing this decision publicly. They both benefit from silence!
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    I agree exactly what CDR above me and everyone else has been saying. I am not hurt by switching carriers so I will do what I need to do when a Pre3 is launched. Sorry Sprint, your loss. I have e-mailed both the HP CEO e-mail address and dan"at" and got nice actual phone calls back from representatives but even they just said they would pass along my opinion.

    Where is the huge loss that Sprint would see from adding one more phone to their array of choices? I understand testing and providing some support for the phone isn't free but CDR lays out some pretty compelling numbers above. I hate being forced into things and steering me toward an Android device is pretty shi**y.
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    In my opinion Sprint is a dead man walking. They invested on WiMax when everybody was going LTE. Now, they are leaving WiMax to go to LTE. Once at&t gets t-mobile they will have no choice, but to be bought by Verizon. I've been forgiving Sprint for their bad service for years because they were much cheaper than at&t, but I think it's time for me to move on and go to at&t.
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    I've been on Sprint for almost ten years now, haven't had any problems with them. And I tend to be of the mind, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." But if Sprint won't offer the Pre3, I'm in a definite quandary! I own a Pre, and I just bought a TouchPad. I need to upgrade to the Pre 3 when my contract's up, specifically so I can maximize the usage out of my TouchPad. I've heard all the bad news about AT&T's service, so I'm not all that hot to switch to AT&T if they offer the Pre 3, let alone switch at all.

    My two-year contract ends next March. I guess when the Pre 3 comes out, I'll call Sprint whether they'll offer it or not and see how it plays. If they aren't offering it, I assume then that my call will be another statistic to them giving them notice that I'll be leaving when my contract ends.

    Which really sucks that I have to go through the trouble of doing that at all.
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    not a big deal to me...ive been with att before i can do it again...
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    If Sprint doesn't get a new webOS device, I'll move to AT&T.
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    so now they we are 95% sure it wont be coming to sprint, who will carry it and when?
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