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    I just switched to Verizon since it seems no webOS phone is hitting Sprint anytime soon. I didn't want to switch, but if I *had* to, I wanted to do it while data is still unlimited. I'm on the road a lot and don't want to have to fool with extra charges.

    I thought I though of everything.... I didn't.

    Can I use Google Voice with Verizon and if so, how? I've had it set up so long with Sprint that I don't even remember how I did it and I do not see any threads for this for Verizon.

    Any assistance?
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    I think there is an app in the catalog for that
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    I guess I should be more clear. I've just used it so long, I forget.

    I just want calls to my cell number to go to Google Voice and then get emailed to me, transcribed in the (sometimes comical) Google Voice fashion.

    I don't need an app, just wanting to know if I can forward calls to Google Voice on a permanent basis and not have any hiccups of fees?

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    It's managed via the Google Voice site from a computer.

    a) Go to Voice Settings (you'll find the link on the upper right corner).

    b) You should be in the 'Phones' tab - add your Verizon number if it wasn't ported from Sprint. If you did port your number from Sprint, then you need to change your carrier to Verizon (click on edit).

    c) Select the 'Calls' tab.

    d) Enable 'Do Not Disturb'; All phone calls will go straight to voicemail.

    If you had it setup on your Sprint phone, then you shouldn't have to make changes to any other settings (specifically the Voicemail & Text tab).
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    In hindsight, you probably should have just gotten a brand new phone number from Verizon and then ported your Sprint number to Google Voice. Then Google Voice would ring the new phone number. That is my plan for switching anyway.
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    Oh man, wish I would have thought of this or asked before. That would have been a great (probably the best) way to do it.

    Oh well, there has to be some way to froward a Verizon cell call to Google Voice... that doesn't cost.
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    Yeah, The Google Voice integration is currently exclusive to Sprint.

    I'm assuming Verizon will allow you to have your calls forwarded to any number you want (Sprint has this as a feature), don't know if they charge extra for that though. Call Verizon customer service, or check your account details online. I don't see why Verizon wouldn't offer call forwarding as an option.

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