View Poll Results: If Sprint does NOT get the Pre 3 but DOES GET the iPhone 5; what will you do?

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  • Jump ship to a carrier with the Pre 3 even if that means a more expensive tiered data plan.

    106 41.09%
  • Get an iPhone 5 and stick with Sprint.

    93 36.05%
  • Get an Android phone and stick with Sprint.

    59 22.87%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob-C View Post
    You are right. Developing the Veer was a poor decision in the large scheme of things. If they had thrown those development resources into the Pre3 and Touchpad, maybe the Pre 3 would have been released in early summer instead of the Veer and the Touchpad would not have been released half baked.

    I think the problem is that HP is a hardware company with no experience in managing software development. The acquisition of PALM also caused key programmers to leave the company. The chief WebOS architect went to Android. So is there any wonder why that platform has been rapidly progressing; why Android tablets like the Blackberry Playbook have a card interface; why the Android phone operating system will also have cards within a few months?

    Pretjadd81, your following comment has just leaned me towards sticking with Sprint above all else.

    If the iphone 5 comes to sprint I will get it,or an android device.I will not be jumping ship for a more expensive plan.Sorry HP!! really I`m not sorry.It's your fault.If you would have released better hardware,faster release dates you would not have this problem.

    Perfect insight.

    I agree with you about the Veer. It's a cute little powerful phone, but I don't think anyone cares about it. I have yet to see one in the wild. And ohh man, how much better would it have been if they could have just focused on the Pre 3 & TouchPad. If the Pre 3 would have launched in May instead of the Veer, or even if it launched together with the TouchPad that would have been great.

    As for HP, I think maybe they should exert more influence over Palm. Apotheker said many times that they are sort of letting Palm do things their way & he's tried to hide them from the bureaucracy of HP as much as possible. Maybe he needs to change that, because things have got to change. The Pre 3 was revealed 5 months ago, and if the rumors pan out, we won't see this thing until late summer or at worst, the Fall.

    The biggest competitive advantage the Pre 3 had was that it wouldn't have had to compete against a new iPhone during the summer. Even when the Pre 3 launches on AT&T & Verizon, it will just sit in the shadow of the new iPhone 5; which will eventually be a flagship phone on every carrier.

    If HP really wanted to make things right for Sprint customers, they would have given legacy device owners steep rebate (like $50-$100 off) a Pre 3, regardless of carrier. At least then, those whose contracts on Sprint are up would have a better incentive to stay on webOS rather than go to Android or some other platform. Heck, even Pre/Pixi Plus users on Verizon & AT&T would be more willing to stick with webOS with an extra rebate like that.

    But whatever; once this new iPhone is announced, it will completely drown out any excitement over the Pre 3, just like the iPhone 3gs did to the original Pre, and if the iPhone 5 makes it to Sprint this fall, i'm pretty sure Sprint will no longer concern themselves with webOS. I'm sure the die hard faithful will jump ship for a Pre 3 regardless, but I think a Sprint iPhone 5 will be more than adequate as a replacement for many. If I didn't have a FrankenPre 2, I'd be going the iPhone route. Heck, if Sprint doesn't have a new webOS phone by the time I'm ready to upgrade, I'll be goin the iPhone route.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pinoyguy75 View Post
    I realize that tiered plan is right now more expensive, but sprint's unlimited data already has a new $10 fee and i read in a yahoo expense article that their gonna raise that fee to $30 this winter. While my $69.99 plan with the replacement fee is cheaper than verizon. The extra fee will take place around the time my sprint contract ends. So when Pre 3 doesn't come to sprint and to verizon instead, i will def jump ship. Palm Pre is my first smartphone. Too attached to WebOS haha

    **here's the article. It's at the bottom of the article
    Budgeting for wireless data on Verizon's new plans - Yahoo! Finance
    I think you misread this:
    "However, offering an all-you-can-eat data buffet gets expensive. Sprint raised the fees for all its smartphones by $10 per month this winter to $30."

    It was $20 a month per phone and now its $30, so false alarm.

    But, after reading that article, I am no longer considering verizon. $50 per phone for 5 GB!!!! I am paying $180 for 4 phones on sprint, I'd be paying $200 on verizon...just for data.
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    I'm all in on Pre 3 landing on Verizon & locked in all-you-can-eat data on the 5th by buying a Samsung Fascinate from Best Buy (says Galaxy S on the back of the phone) for $49.99 and another $20 for BB's buy-back program. I have 6 months to trade it in and I'll get 50% of the MSRP ($300) toward any other phone. Hopefully the Pre 3 will land at $599 or less and I'll be a happy camper.
    If "If's" and "But's" were candy and nuts we'd all have a Merry Christmas!

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    I'm pretty sure the Blackberry Playbook does NOT run on Android lol.
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    Hard to believe I'm saying this, but I'm outta here. Been on the the webOS bandwagon since January '09, but it's not worth leaving Sprint over. I wont pay more money to stay with an OS that still hasn't solved it's lag and stutter issues (see every touchpad review, and TIMN veer review). When that iphone hits Sprint Im gone. I think the iOS 5 updates will solve many of the shortcomings, plus rumors say iPhone 6 or so will get inductive charging. Add new IOS messaging and all the other Apple pluses, it's time to go. Palm was a fantasy, and ultimately I wasted a lot of time and money on it.
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    Verizon was a maybe, but now that they have gone with a tiered data plan I think I am stuck with Sprint for now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bevcraw View Post
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    But it looks as if you forgot to merge the poll.
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    I'll probably go frankinpre. My wife'll jump ship to an android, likely.
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    I liked my poll better. Clearer: webOS or Sprint. Not confusing with android, ios WP7 etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by theattack View Post
    I liked my poll better. Clearer: webOS or Sprint. Not confusing with android, ios WP7 etc.
    I had only three options in my poll and WP7 was NOT one of them. So don't blame my poll for your confusion. LOL
    ROOTING for WebOS makes me more sympathetic to Cubs fans.
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    @smartfah... Looks like HP agrees with you on exerting more control over Palm. Ruby is out. He his now SVP of Paper Clip Development or something more useless. Maybe they'll put him in charge of developing laggy toasters that have WebOS ported to them.
    ROOTING for WebOS makes me more sympathetic to Cubs fans.
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    As much as I loved my PRE Im sticking with Sprint.

    I jumped to the Epic 4G already. After 6 replacements & lacking a lot of support for Apps. I made the leap to Android & somewhat happy with the Epic. I wish the Pre3 was coming but we all know its not & neither is the Touchpad.
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    My dad just txt me "iPhone 5 coming to Sprint!" so i ask him where he heard this and he said:

    "Guy at Best Buy said AT&T not getting new iPhone until next year, but Sprint is getting their version coming out soon"

    i had to explain to him that Best Buy guys dont know anything. Why do Best Buy employees say stuff like this? To make themselves look smart?
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    Probably because they work at Best Buy and want to pretend they have a higher station in life, even if it's only for 30 seconds.
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    Never going to catch me with anything Apple.
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    still rocking my original pre, if iphone 5 comes to sprint soon thats my first choice, i refuse to get a android and is there any good info on windows mango htc
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    When I decide to upgrade it'll be to a dual core 4.7" WP7 4G slab with Mango update or iPhone 5 4G (if Apple and Sprint hammer out a deal). Even if by some miracle the Pre 3 makes it to Sprint I wll not get it. Palm, webOS & HP all left me feeling un-loved. WebOS isn't worth this much suffering.
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    have not heard much about the slab on Sprint lately . . . I still think we'll see it on sprint before Christmas '11.

    Wonder why nothing about it since the tPad firmed up . . . bet that rumor and the fuzzy pick come back out about the time the fruitphone5 is about to launch ~
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