View Poll Results: If Sprint does NOT get the Pre 3 but DOES GET the iPhone 5; what will you do?

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  • Jump ship to a carrier with the Pre 3 even if that means a more expensive tiered data plan.

    106 41.09%
  • Get an iPhone 5 and stick with Sprint.

    93 36.05%
  • Get an Android phone and stick with Sprint.

    59 22.87%
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    If the next iPhone does indeed come to Sprint (which is possible since it's now on verizon and they use similar tech) and it is really iTunes independent as I've heard (somewhere), and this all happens (or there is Substantial evidence that it is going to happen) all before I hear a single thing that truly indicates that the P3 is coming to Sprint, I will be forced to leave the WebOS camp and go the iPhone route.

    Previously I had said I would go the Android route, but that was before seeing this thread about an iPhone 5 on Sprint. I would choose the iOS format over Andriod because it does seem more user friendly to me.

    I really can't afford to leave Sprint now, since Verizon's new data pricing is about to kick and I would be a new customer and use about 3-5GB/mo on Sprint right now.
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    I can't leave Sprint. Their pricing is great and it's the only service provider that has signal where I work.It truely is locked down to Sprint devices only. As a service technician I use my phone a lot. Webos is the best OS I have used for a business phone.

    I think I will jump ship if I don't hear if any Webos phone lands on Sprint by August. I was eligible for an upgrade back in January which I got the Evo Shift and returned it soon after to go back to Webos. Even using the Pixi, I could run much more efficient for work. Still using the pixi, but I don't want to sit and wait forever.

    I thought HP was doing good when they said they would announce new products within weeks of their release, which now I despise it. I want to know if Sprint is getting something besides webos hopes and dreams.
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    Pre 3 on another carrier. I have never had a desire for an i-phone and want a physical keyboard.
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    Here is my decision tree right now. iPhone 5 on Sprint, Android Ice Cream Sandwich device on Sprint or Pre3 on whatever network.

    Whichever comes first.
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    You missed one, OP: "I'll stick with my Pre- until Sprint carries some webOS device (Pre3 or not) or until they run out of replacements for it."

    Can't justify spending more for another carrier. Don't need another phone with a crappy OS. Pre- does everything I need my phone to do right now.

    And I've gotta say, HP's Veer slogan makes perfect sense, now that I have a Touchpad: "In a world of tablets, who needs a big phone?"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob-C View Post
    More than one analyst is reporting that the iPhone 5 is going to be released on Sprint in addition to Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. No one at all is saying that the Pre 3 is coming to Sprint. So I am wondering if the Pre 3 does not come to Sprint but the iPhone 5 does, will you either jump ship to a carrier that has the Pre 3 or stick with Sprint and jump to the iPhone 5? Keep in mind that Verizon and AT&T now have potentially much more expensive tiered data plans.
    I will jump ship without a lifevest.. lol
    As you can see, Verizon have employee discounts with lots of employers. As for me, I do qualify with 20% off. . so i'll even out..
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    I've been using the Pre- since launch day and think it is the best OS that almost nobody knows or cares about.

    I've also been a Sprint customer for about 15 years, warts and all, and believe that Sprint got totally stiffed by Palm, who made them/us the Beta Testers, then proceeded to release all consecutive hardware updates on other networks. I find it insulting that Palm, and shortly after, HP, have overlooked their decade+ relationship with Sprint, and, have ignored the simple fact that Sprint has more WebOS users than all other service providers combined. If the late adopters of the Pre+ are to be believed, and I do believe them, Verizon spent more time using WebOS devices to try to steer customers towards Android or even Blackberry ("You don't want that, that's junk. Get this..."). The idea that Verizon gets rewarded for failing to sell a product properly, just because they have a bigger client base is absurd, and, does AT&T REALLY need another smartphone?

    I love WebOs, but not enough to overlook all the business and customer neglect, to follow it to another provider, and pay twice as much for less service (no unlimited data, but for more money). To me, it's like chasing the beautiful woman who mistreats you. I'd rather have the modestly pretty one who is consistently nice to me.

    And, IOS is hardly a door prize. I have seen many an iPhone and they are very well made, and thoughtfully designed inside and out. My wife just bought be an Ipad as a joint birthday/father'sday gift, and it's a superlative product in every way, right down to giving me better 3G speeds when tethered to my Pre, than I seem to get from the Pre itself.

    Furthermore, to pick about notification issues with IOS, is to ignore all the problems we have had with WebOS or that Android has had (can you say malware?). IOS does "synergy" as well, or better than WebOS, and sets it up equally as, if not more intuitively than, WebOS.

    My biggest selling point for WebOS has been the true multi-tasking. I don't believe it really exists if you can't look at multiple, minimized screens on your desktop, just like a PC or MAC. But, within a few minutes of using my iPad, with it's hot switching, I didn't miss cards. Then I jailbroke it, and loaded a program called Multiware, which duplicates cards right down to the the brush to close, just like WebOS, and I was hooked. And, IOS5, in the fall, will have over 200 improvements, including native multitasking to rival WebOS.

    IOS has all the functionality of WebOS, whether currently intrinsic, or as an easy add-on, and the ease of rooting (I hate the term "jailbreaking") of WebOS (Android is a pain in the behind to root). I can do everything I want to do with IOS, that I can do with WebOS, in a stable, WIDELY supported platform. WebOS will always be in my heart, but I am truly sorry to say, I will happily jump to the iPhone and never look back.
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    If pre3 gets spec bump with it's delayed launch and is on sprint Im sold no matter what.

    If pre3 doesn't get spec bump and is on sprint along with iPhone I may have to make a tough choice.

    If no Pre on sprint but we get the iPhone then webOS will lose me as a customer.

    If neither go to clue what I'll do. Quite possibly go windows phone 7 if the come out with a slab.
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    For me, It's not an issue of "if Sprint gets the pre 3." My choice is not dependent on anything HP or Sprint does. Well Sprint kinda. If they got an iphone i'd get it. Though I decided a while back no matter what my next phone will be the next iphone. I was hoping for sprint to get it with verizon but nope. then i was waiting to switch in June but it got delayed. At that point it became a done deal. I'm was waiting no matter what. I'm gonna use my original pre until iphone 5 is released but then i will switch. Webos is nice but i originally bought my Palm Pre minus is as an iphone substitute because i could not afford AT&T bills. But it hasn't satisfied me and i'm not as enamoured with webos as others. It doesn't help i'm on a pre minus (overclocked) but running 1.4.5. But i have been less then thrilled with it.

    The real thing from only my perspective, is the things iphones do well are high on my list of priorities when i buy a phone (music, app choice, slab) and the things that webos does best like multitasking, synergy, even flash, are not really important to me in my everyday use. Plus i'm through with physical keyboards. People should buy what fits their wants. If it's webos good for you. For me that's the iphone. And on sprint, all the better.
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    I'm not with Sprint (don't worry, I didn't vote). I'm in no Sprint here. I just wanted to comment with an outsider's perspective....I am just amazed by how many are tied to the carrier more than to webOS. Myself, I pick the phone first, then carrier later.
    I have an iPhone 4 and Pre 2. Both are great since the same company owns the hardware and the software. If you are interested in an Android phone, make sure you look into the 'upgradability' of the phone. Maybe pick an official Google phone even, or you may find yourself locked out of upgrades. Hardware manufacturers and carriers can lock you out of upgrades. I don't know which Android phones are on Sprint or if Sprint does this, but I have seen it happen to friends in Australia. I now only choose unlocked phones as a result of this.....but each to their own, just want to spell out some potential pitfalls.
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    neither. I cant stand ios, droid is 'ok' but not my cup of tea. I love webos, but I pay quite enough as is. Leaving for att or big red will make the cost of benefit too high. My contract ended last week. Once my pre dies, I'll go back to a dumb phone without a contract and save $30/mo on sprint until something truly incredible comes out.
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    I'm not an Apple person so no iOS5 for me. Apple is definitely making improvements on their OS though. iOS5 looks less boring than iOS4.
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    As soon as my wife & son's contracts are up (November) I will be removing them from my Sprint contract and putting them on pageplus. Their usage patterns are better suited to that carrier & it'll save me a lot of money.

    I'm probably going to leave sprint also. Trying to decide between at&t & vzw. But I also have to decide if I'm staying on Pre2. Any upgrade bumps my sprint plan by $10/mo (stupid "premium" data), making sprint's costs a lot less competitive.

    If I switch carriers, I might try IOS. I've never had an iPhone & I am envious of all the cool apps my friends have.

    I don't know what I'm gonna do.

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    I went to Sprint yesterday and the rep who is a big Palm fan and former pre- owner said he wishes webOS would come back, he highly doubts anything will happen this year if at all. He stated if something were coming out they would know by now.

    Maybe if they allow licensing then maybe we will see a comeback. So after backing up all my files on my computer I'm taking the Android ship today and I'm not sure if I will return to webOS.
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    pelikan3's comments echo much of my thinking. Well stated.

    The Touchpad I tried at BB was less than impressive, especially after I compared it to the iPad2 down the aisle. And for me, I'd like my smartphone and tablet to be the same OS and work together. So it's critical to me, if I'm remaining on webOS, to see an improved TP (sounds like that will happen) and what the Pre3 is like when it comes out. If the Pre3 is decent and the TP improves, I can see staying in the webOS ecosystem. Otherwise, the iOS world can work for me.

    Carriers are an interesting issue. With 4 lines and knowing our data/line usages, I've priced AT&T out to be almost identical to Sprint (both with corporate discounts). Sprint has really begun to cost more with the $10/line 4G tax and dropping corporate discounts on anything except the base part of the plan. They really aren't low cost anymore based on my usage.

    So if the Pre3 looks good with a revised TP, and AT&T offers it while Sprint doesn't, I am staying webOS but moving carriers. If the Pre3 is below my expectations, I'll look at iOS and pick the best carrier for my needs.

    Sprint is losing me as time goes on - they have to know if they will get the Pre3 at launch, and the "we don't know" line is wearing thin. AT&T and Verizon have been better at supporting multiple phone OS's.
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    I just switched to AT&T from sprint and activated a pre2 without contract. So far so good. If pre3 shows up here I will lock myself into contract with AT&T. I haven't had problems with the service in my area (NYC) and the plan I have is the same price as I had on Sprint once the corporate discount is applied.
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    I need a world phone; somehow the SIM from my Samsung Ace still works for travel, but that won't last. Despite that need I would really prefer to stay on Sprint. 3G is excellent at home and work, and Sprint was great with issuing WebOS 1.x updates. Don't care about 4G but do want 5Ghz wireless and front-facing camera. For all those reasons, the originally-announced Pre3 specs were really exciting to me.

    If Sprint doesn't get the Pre3, but does get a WP7 Mango world phone in the fall, and if HP doesn't clean up their current mess by then... sad to say, I would be tempted to leave. An iOS 5 world phone on Sprint would also be compelling, though less so than Mango. Android doesn't really interest me.

    In the meantime, I'll hold out with my (third) original Pre.
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    Yeah thats like choosing between a kick in the pants or a bicycle with no seat.

    Screw apple.
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    I just checked out Apple's video of iOS 5. They have added so many cool new features that HP is going to be catching up for a looooong time.

    The only things I am hung up about going to iPad 5 are:

    1) Losing a physical keyboard.

    2) No Cards - Not sure how much this will matter. The iOS 5 tabbed web browsing makes multitasking between web browser windows better than on WebOS. The notification multitasking looks pretty good too. Er, I would still like to see cards though!

    3) No Flash (which my Pre minus doesn't have anyway)

    4) It's Apple! I don't want to be strapped into their ecosystem. I don't want my geographic location tracked by them at all times. I don't want them to hunt me down and turn me into a human Cent-iPad like in South Park!! It just makes me feel dirty to join them. It's like an Eagles fan suiting up in a Cowboys uniform; or a Cowboys fan suiting up in Redskins uniform. Sticking with HP though, feels like a Detroit Lions fan forced to watch every minute of his crappy team fall short of the playoffs season after season. Maybe it is time to give up and just join the team that actually wins Championships.

    One comment on the thread really resonated with how I feel...

    "I love WebOs, but not enough to overlook all the business and customer neglect, to follow it to another provider, and pay twice as much for less service (no unlimited data, but for more money). To me, it's like chasing the beautiful woman who mistreats you. I'd rather have pretty one who is consistently nice to me."
    ROOTING for WebOS makes me more sympathetic to Cubs fans.
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    The poll needs a fourth option: Franken-Pre2.

    Changing carriers isn't an option for me. I'm currently on a family plan that is paid for as I'm still a student and can't afford my own phone. And even if I was to go pay for my own phone, I'd probably stick to Sprint because other carriers' data plans are slightly out of my price range.

    While it's a long shot, I'm still holding onto the glimmer of hope that this rumor doesn't pan out as neither Sprint or HP has officially confirmed or denied this tragic piece of news, but whatever happens I'm not leaving webOS.
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