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    There is a high likelihood that I will be moving to Verizion in the coming months for either a Pre3 or, based on a comparison, the new iPhone. So I have been closely watching Verizon's unlimited data announcement - even considering buying a Pre2 to activate and grandfather myself.

    Then I checked my actual data usage on Sprint, which over the past 12 months has PEAKED at less than .4 GB/month. I am actually closer to fitting under AT&T's 250MB plan than eclipsing Verizon's 2GB allowance. This comes, in part, because I am configued to use wifi both at work and at home.

    Given that, is there any reason I need unlimited data? The only usage that I can see changing in the coming months/years would be citrix on my phone, allowing me to potentially do more work.
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    dont think past... Think future! Only 30% of phone users have smart phones. Who knows of the cool stuff in the future that will eat gb's? I bet a lot of people will be face chatting in the near future and that will use a lot of gb's
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    For you, it sounds like unlimited is not that important. If you are primarily using your phone in a wifi setting, citrix may not add any extra data usage.

    I'm still trying to figure out how I am using 1.6 GB to 2 GB per month. With my usage, I'm right at that point where my bill could stay the same or go up $10-$20 a month. Kind of that I fall right at the bottom of users that the cell companies are about to over.
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    Unlimted is very important if you don't have wifi available @ least 50% of the time. I think one poster said it correctly....this is geared toward future customers who don't have smartphones. But I also think that if all cell carriers go to this approach that smartphone sales will suffer. When you think about it and put it on $75-$100 a month worth Facebooking or Twittering all day. IMO you might see some people revert back to texting (i will). $50 a month per phone unlimited on Sprint (family plan) is all I'm willing to pay. Anything over that and your wasting money. Portability and access shouldnt cost us an arm and a leg in the future when providing the services is getting cheaper.
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    I moved from Sprint to ATT when I got my Pre 2. Before I made the move, I looked back over the Sprint statements (available online) from the 20 month period I had owned the Pre. I was surprised to see that I had never exceeded 500 mb data in any month and was usually in the 200-300 mb range. (I have wifi access at home and several other places I spend time.) I was not surprised to see that I have never had more than 20 texts in a month and was usually in the 5-6 range.

    When I when to ATT, I knew that the 2 gb plan would not be a problem and I also decided to pay by the text ($.20) because it would be cheaper than paying $10 extra for the lowest cost text plan. I also skipped the navigation option since I have a system in my car. So, my ATT bill is a little more than $75 plus tax.

    It is important to analyze your past use to determine what plan is best for you.

    Now if I could just get a decent ATT signal....
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    very important to me! I'm on the road most of the time with no wi-fi access so my unlimited data gets a lot of use... about 3-7 GB per month.
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    Although I'm not someone who needs unlimited data currently (99% of my data access is WiFi), I think it's something we, as consumers, should demand of our carriers as an option.

    I have no issues with data caps on the lower priced plans -- I think it helps make switching to smartphones cheaper for people. That said, I think the premium plan should allow for unlimited use.

    The best way for Consumers to complain is to ask their current carrier for unlimited data -- if it's not on-offer, make a point of telling them you're switching service to one that does.

    I know it's not that easy. Without saying the 'S-word', we all know why American users can't do this.
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    I connect to wifi whenever I can, including in my home, but I don't have access at work and that is my primary location for using data, mostly to stream internet radio. So I use 4 or more gb per month. I could probably cut back my usage, but then I wonder why even bother having a smartphone if I can't use it the way I want to? I just hope Sprint stays unlimited and doesn't raise the price more, because even the $10 increase is going to stretch my phone budget pretty thin when it comes time for my wife and me to upgrade.

    If I was facing the rates that Verizon is putting in place, I would just get a dumbphone, save the money on my bill, and try to figure out a different way to do the essential things that a smartphone allows me to accomplish. Personally, I'm only willing to stretch so far to have the luxury of a smartphone. Although I know I'd miss it like crazy!
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    I always considered myself a "heavy" user, but I just checked and I average around .6 gig a month. However, i am more concerned if moving forward, any portion of this cloud future comes to fruition and I start to stream audio/video content on a more regular basis. Right now, mostly just updating newsroom, streaming MLB games, or streaming pandora.
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    If you start using Netflix or other data intensive things on your phone (if available), then yes, it's a big deal. If, as you say, you are never broaching the half gig mark, then no problem at all.
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