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    For those of you like me who dont have the option of switching carriers if the pre3 dosent come to sprint and are hoping for the best. What if it dosent come what phone will you get? the future looks bleak. I think ima get the Motorola Photon 4g, Schedule july release date and will be the best phone on sprint this summer looks like. If anything webos comes on the scene pretty sure I can resell for a hefty price.

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    I think someone started a thread like this already.
    As for me, if the Pre 3 doesn't come to Sprint, I'll continue rocking my FrankenPre 2.
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    i will see what the rumored slab phone is all about... but i may jump to att regardless because of all the positive things i have been hearing about their hspa+ tech compared to wimax
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    I may go to a FrankenPre, but frankly I'm content to stay with my original Pre until they stop supporting it or run out of replacements. It's not the fastest or featurest, but it does all I need it to do, and that very well.
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    Definately moving to Verizon for the Pre 3....not waiting until January.
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    A non Sprint phone.
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    I have debated this.

    I may ditch the smart phone route altogether and go back to a basic flip phone.

    I loved my sanyo scp8400. The pre Pre phone.
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    I'll do my best to wait for SOME webOS phone on Sprint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by virtualkyr View Post
    I have debated this.

    I may ditch the smart phone route altogether and go back to a basic flip phone.

    I loved my sanyo scp8400. The pre Pre phone.

    I was thinking about this too. I think once I get a TouchPad, I probably won't use my smartphone as much. If that is the case, I may try a dumbphone, maybe.
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    I may or may not have just ordered a Nexus S 4G...
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    If my franken plus dies, a burn phone since I don't call many people. Then if Sprint still offers it, I'll put my plan on suspension (vacation plan?) and get a Clear 4G modem so I can use my Touchpad while out and about. If by the end of summer no new webos phone comes to Sprint, I'll jump a carrier that does.
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    If no webOS Sprint phone is announced by the time the Galaxy S2 is released, that will be my new phone, unfortunately.
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    surely the folks over at webosinternals will find some way to hack the pre3 onto sprint for you guys...right?
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    Picked up a Nexus S 4G. Just like any new OS it is taking some getting used to but the core PIM features I used from my Pre are there and then some. You can schedule a meeting from the phone and invite guests. Not being able to do that drove me nuts about webOS. :P
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    I know it wasn't one of your options....but, I'll go back to AT&T for the Pre3. I left them (paying the EFT) to come to Sprint for the Pre.
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    My wife got an iPad for work (which I use more than she does), but it has definitely decreased the amount of time I spend looking up information on my pre. Prior to the tablet I likely would not have considered a Veer sized screen, but now that the tablet is my main mode of looking up quick info I find that I really wouldn't want a large phone to haul around. I may end up doing the AT&T Veer route.
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    wel if webosinternals can put sprint on the pre3 thatll be nice. But well have to buy the phone outright still. And itll probably cost 600 bucks+. why not buy a touchpad lol
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    I'm leaning towards a franken-pre-2, but haven't decided. I might go to the Verizon world phone, if Verizon doesn't cost too too much more.
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    Well if Sprint does not get the Pre3 (even if Sprint gets that rumored slab) I will have to bid webos goodbye for good.Webos is good os, but it isn't worth the effort of switching and losing my affordable plan. As my professional and personal life advances, I spend more time traveling abroad, I need a world phone.

    I used to travel more and my good old trusty Blackberry 8830 did the job so well. Sprint's prices here are good and sprint has the habit of actually unlocking the sim card for use with any network overseas, so I can pick which is cheapest, to use sprint's included sim or use the local one. At this point a phone that doesn't have video chatting capabilities isn't going to be considered.

    So that leaves me with 3 choices,

    1)go back to blackberry, which I've considered, but the phones are stuck in 2007. if Sprint released a blackberry torch 2 that's world capable, I'd consider it (if it has a forward facing cam).

    2)the Motorola photon, even though I kind of despise android, the photon is has everything I want in a phone. Motorola actually put in hardware based security (security is an issue with me)

    3)Iphone 4s/5. This is my second choice behind a pre3 and might actually edge out a pre3 if they are released at the same time. rumored to be a world phone cdma compatible and has a stable ecosystem (a concern that I never had before I bought a pre)
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    Before the tiered data plan announcement, I had my eyes squarely set on Verizon. Now I'm totally up in the air. I hate AT&T as a company with great passion.
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