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    When I first had signed up with Verizon to get my Pre2 I had signed up through HP to get my service as they offered a cheaper rate on the phone. The phone came to me dysfunctional and had to be replaced. I had ordered a replacement through Verizon and they charged me a total of 218.36 after taxes to my credit card account. I received my replacement early in March and sent back the broken one in by March 4th.
    For the next few weeks I called in to check whether or not they received it back as I was waiting for my credit to my credit card at this time. They told me it had not been received, I assumed it was lost in tracking. For the next month or so I called in just about every day to get this escalated and taken care of.. ie it was prob lost somewhere. I eventually almost gave up, but one rep worked with Fedex and was able to see that it was returned but under a different tracking number and Verizon had received it back in March 8th. From that moment I waited for my credit to my credit card but did not receive it yet after speaking with several supervisors and Managers.
    It is now June 20th and I called in today as I was promised to have the credit on my account today. She tells me that it cannot be done because the original phone was ordered through HP and not them. Keep in mind Verizon charged me for the replacement not HP. Now they tell me I have to wait an additional 2 weeks for a refund check to be sent to my home. I have received several credits on my account and have complained about several workers not doing their jobs correctly. I mean how is it that a regular customer service employee was able to spot this months after and no one else from any department could not inform me of this problem.... I do not want to wait any longer for my credit and probably will cancel my service as a result of the incompetence I have had to deal with, not to mention the time that I wasted contacting Verizon Daily to get my issue resolved. Any suggestions as I will be calling again after work lol.
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    Too bad. They seem to have gotten confused over the fact that you originally ordered from HP and they don't have a procedure for that, this is a big warning story for the rest of us. Still they should refund you as they have your original phone.It sounds like they are finally doing so, but via refund check as they have no original purchase order to credit back to your charge card, only the actual phone itself.

    My colleague at work has returned at least 3-4 phones to VZW and they never give him a hassle (I am jealous of him). He bought them all originally from VZW and they don't charge him the replacements, just ask him to send the original back within 5 days.
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    This is quite long sorry, looking for help with people who have dealt with similar issues.
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    My first suggestion would be to use paragraphs instead of a wall of text...

    As for the phone issue, you could try disputing the charge with your credit card company. I probably would have tried that back in April.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Orion Antares View Post
    My first suggestion would be to use paragraphs instead of a wall of text...

    As for the phone issue, you could try disputing the charge with your credit card company. I probably would have tried that back in April.
    My apologies, usually I have good structure when I post things. I am just frustrated with this so much.
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    Anyone else have any experiencing similar to this, if so what did you do? I simply do not want to wait the additional 2 weeks as I have been waiting for a very long time already.
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    I'm no fan of VZW, but if you do get your check, I'd just chalk all of this up to an unusually bad experience and forget about it. The whole situation was a mess, and if it had happened at any other carrier, it might have turned out just as badly. Granted, I'm no fan of VZW, but sometimes s*** just happens.
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    I called again last night and was promised by another supervisor that I would get the money into my checking account the next morning as he had forwarded a priority request to the finance team. I checked this morning and the money was not there, I called again this morning and was told that they had put it onto my verizon account instead and I had told them this was ok. They have continued to lie to me and give me the run around. I am thinking of just accepting that this is the best they can do for me now.
    Unfortunately these things happens as you have stated.
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    + 1 for unusually bad experience.

    Verizon isn't out to get you, and remember that these kinds of stories pop up for every network that has ever and will ever exist.
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    Yes, it was just very annoying to have to deal with. I guess I should be lucky I got anything back lol.
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    I would have disputed the charge with your card long ago or filed a complaint with the BBB. It usually gets the customer service jump started.
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    Filed a dispute with my bank like a boss lol. They stated the credit will be back on my account within one business Day . Now to call the BBB.
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    I got a cell phone with a plan that cost me $127 per month. Around one year later I wanted to upgrade phones to have bigger numbers on the pad. The lady told me she had this military plan, with military discounts, and no higher cost than I have paid monthly. I did it and she gave me another phone attached to this account for a family member. Then I learned my bill was $163 per month. Some how those thieves have changed it and I never saw one military discount! Then around three or four months later I just got tired knowing that the charges were not the initial few months of higher than normal amount - usually due to special fees no one really knows exactly what they are - but usually you get two months higher bills. So. I called to ask how much I would owe to disconnect my service so I can get a month to month. The lady told me $200. So I said OK. Then I get more bills and then they tell me that I have another phone. I learned that they made me order another phone with it's own two year contract - LIARS!!!!@! Now they want me to pay $500 to stop service on two lines! So.... I decide that I'm going to write corporate headquarters about their ****ty service! As a mattrer of fact I should sue their asses!
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    It won't do you any good now, but for future reference. I've dealt with Verizon, Frontier, Dish, Directv and GTE. Get a notebook and take notes each time you call. Time, date and ask for an operator number or a way to identify each person you talk to. This will put them on notice that they can't just "drop" your complaint. I even keep notes on time on the phone and if they drop the call into a black hole of disconnect. This method of tracking has gotten me some bill credits when you finally get to someone who is a true customer service rep.

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