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    value - a customers subjective assessment of the benefits relative to the costs in determining the worth of a product.

    (The process people use to determine the value of a product is not highly scientific. We all tend to get a feel for the worth of products based on our own expectations and previous experiences. Different customers may view different competing products as being an exceptional value for their own personal satisfaction. lowest price or greatest convenience)

    Welcome to my Thread.

    The Goal of this Thread - I want a new phone. my contract is up. And I want to know thru research and comparison which phone is best for me. I enjoy the ride of it and intend on sharing that with you.


    Avid, and i mean it. Following Palm and webOS since Jan 09 CES, its been my enjoyable hobby to keep up with PreCentral and others' activity around an incredible operating system. I even went as far to research Palm, the company, bought stock, and watched the growth stock rise and fall. I sold my shares making some profit and walked away for other stock oppurtunities. 2 years after standing in line to be #1 at the Eatontown, NJ Sprint Store, I am now considering walking away again, this time from webOS.

    Unlike my experience trading Palm's stock, my interest in this terrific operating system has been pretty consistant, high. Having my contract up, I find myself peaking at other offerings, if for no other reason than to know that when I do decide, I can feel I've made a good educated decision. Plus I enjoy the ride of reseaching, watching videos and reading forums like this one here.


    > I am a sprint customer and opinions aside, I will not be changing carriers. The decision is soley monetary. I am on my brother's everything family plan and only pay $20 a month to share his 2000 minutes and unlimited data.

    > I want a large touch screen.

    > Since I dont plan on buying a tablet soon, I'm not thinking of this purchase as a precursor to buying a similar tablet that runs the same OS. I don't have an opinion on whether integrating my cell phone purchase with sights on my eventual tablet purchase. maybe it'll play a role in deciding a tie.


    Unfortunately, while keeping with Sprint the option to purchase an iphone does not exist. However, it will be included in my comparisons to come. Why? (Bias) iOS offers great value with UI, performance, and battery life. It provides a desirable measuring stick and I intend to use it as such.


    As you have just seen above, I will do my best (i promise) to be aware of any personal bias I have now and throughout this process. Whenever I feel bias is playing a part in something I am saying, I'll make a note of it as you have seen above. Bias is going to play a major role when I'm making a value judgement (see the very begining of this post where I provide my working definition of value.) As for facts, I'll try to provide links to any material I use when making an informed decision. This could simply be an engadget article, but at least you'll know where I'm forming my opinion from.


    STEP I - COMPARE OPERATING SYSTEMS (including WP7, iOS, webOS, Android, and RIM) This is where the bulk of my research will take place. I'll do this primarily thru watching and reading reviews. Maybe, I'll even try to tackle the update history for each OS to see how far each has come from day one. Maybe.

    STEP II - COMPARE HARDWARE available on the sprint network. This step will be two-pronged. First, because I do wish to have a large touch screen on my next phone, I'll only be doing heavy lifting research for the devices that fit that catagory. I may also trim the list further based on the new'ness of the phone if the list remains too long. Second, I will allow myself to dream of upcoming devices that could be landing on sprint in the coming months. I'm not waiting past november though, (bias) unless its for the iphone 5 . Say for instance, the HP Pre 3 doesn't launch until september, I'm willing to wait. Moving on.

    STEP III - NARROW MY SELECTION down to 2, at most 3 phones. This will be where I'll do the last of my research. I'll scour the internet for any last minute links or emerging details that could possibly alter my final decision. This is where I'll also begin toying with the idea that I should buy my cell phone with sights on which tablet I may eventually buy ... maybe. Either way, I wont be spending much time trying to form the best Cell-Phone/Tablet-Duo cause I'm not even sure I'll be getting a tablet anytime soon.

    STEP IV -!! THE PRIZE !! - MY NEW PHONE selection with a list of reasons why

    I've never done a video review before and I dont plan on doing one now. But if for some reason I have more time than this thread already suggests I do (poking fun at myself ) Maybe I'll entertain myself futher. Im actually a 29 yo senoir college student majoring in business while I work part time waiting tables. What gives. anyway. If you've read this far, then you may be able to appreciate the process. hope you enjoy it.

    This is where it begins. I'll be back as soon as I've researched an operating system or two.

    - Dave
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    From your preferences, it looks like it's going to come down to a battle between WP7 and Android. Android on Sprint has some attraction due to Sprint's integration of Google Voice, but then again WP7 may be the better OS. Also if you ever consider owning a Windows Home Server, there will be some very cool things you could do with a WP7 device.

    Anyway, just some seeds to plant into your thinking.
    Touchscreens are a fad.
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    Sounds fun man, I'm in a similar situation, I'll ride along. What is your current phone?
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    keep the sprint frankenpre2 in mind as well.
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    Ok. while I hadn't thought of it, at all. I'll add the Sprint Frankenpre2 to the list. This should be fun.

    @ Matt1618, I'm still carrying around a palm pre minus. Albiet no longer the original day-one device that I stood in line for. Im on my third device now after the first broke, and I lost my second at a town fair.
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    WP7 is nice but the hardware of the Arrive is meh. Personally I don't like Android, and as i'm in the same boat i'll be going through the same process very soon. My upgrade isn't until August so i'm waiting and hoping. It's the Pre3, a better WP7 phone or the rumored Sprint iPhone for me.
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    I, like many Pre- fans, are up for a new phone. It may or may not be a palm (oops, HP) phone because they can't pull their heads out of their a$$es long enough to announce something.

    Similarly, I will not be changing from Sprint but it looks like I may move to a WM phone. I purchased Android for my kids but I don't like it.

    HP, the clock is ticking. I know you don't care about the current users - such has been stated, but our collective bad-mouthing of your product support, timelines, etc. certainly will not help win converts.

    I can't tell you how much I hear "you're still pining over a new webOS phone, give it up already" from my friends.

    Can't wait to see what you come up with.
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    DaHui623. what sparked this whole thing was me doing a little research on the HTC Arrive and coming back less than enthused. Almost soley due to the hardware. From a non user's perspective, WP7 looks slick and I wanted to see what it was like. I've tried searching the internet for rumors of new devices to come, but have come up empty thus far. With only one device, WP7 is at a disadvantage here, but not because the OS isn't appealing.

    wait a moment ... i'll be back in a sec ...

    Now this is where a little bit of research can provide some perspective. (Bias) I'm not a fan of the HTC Arrive because the hardware seems to large and outdated ... ! OR IS IT ! ... here are the actual dimensions. Compared to the palm pre im toting in my pocket, the HTC Arrive is actually thinner. WHAT!

    look here are dimensions

    • HTC Arrive - 4.63 x 2.32 x 0.61in (118 x 59 x 15 mm)
    • HP Pre 3 - 4.37 x 2.52 x 0.63in (111 x 64 x 16 mm)
    • Palm Pre (minus) - 3.96 x 2.34 x 0.67in (100.5 x 59.5 x 16.9 mm)

    Couple things to balance this mini comparison out:
    > The HTC Arrive is taller and has a rounded edge square design
    > The Palm Pre's riverstone design tapers a bit and doesn't remain as thick throughout

    there you have it gents, for now

    - Dave

    and for the curious. reference, i pulled the info from
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    Dave81j6, I really just hate the whole slide and tilt thing. WP7 has, arguably, one of the best software keyboards and they stuck this ugly crappy hardware keyboard on it. I guess what I really want is an updated Dell Venue Pro on Sprint.
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    Guys what's the best phone for us original palm pre user's? I am tired of waiting for the palm pre 3. I really like the ability to multi-task. Is it the EVO (Sprint), Android (Verizon), etc.? Let me know. This thing is worn.
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    If you have to stay with Sprint, and you like Android, i'd go with the Nexus S 4G. Latest, non gimmick, vanilla Android.
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    i personally dont like android but phones i was considering was evo 3d and that windows phone, i didnt do much research on them hoping for the pre 3.
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    saturday186, I'm no fan of Android either. So for the moment i'm waiting. By September i'm hoping to have some better choices on Sprint. But, if you are considering the EVO 3D, read a couple reviews. The phone hardware seems good and has received good reviews, but I still think 3D is just a gimmick and brings no actual worth.
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    Yea i still dont think 3D is much of a big thing but i just had the mind set that the EVO 3D would have better hardware than the original EVO. And with all the great reviews the EVO recieved i thought it would be a good phone. The 3D i guess i might use ONE RANDOM day in a film but dont think i can get film quality off an actual phone.

    Is the windows phone going to get a proceeder anytime soon, since all i hear about the phone is that it has ok hardware.
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    Yea, the dual core proc in the EVO 3D would be nice. But, then again, so would the dual core in the Pre3. There were rumors a while back of the HTC Mazaa, a WP7 phone, coming out on Sprint in late summer, early fall.
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    from the review on the EVO 3D, iy seems as though the camera drains the battery and it is a power hungry device anyway.

    If no Pre 3, then I am considering the Moto Photon.
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    I have been doing a similar search and have been comparing all the phones that are supposed to be here at least by the end of july. I really think its going to be hard to be the Samsung Galaxy 2. The specs just look amazing and the processor will be the fastest available at that time. This of course is dependent on the Pre 3. I will have to play with both if i even have a choice
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    what are the actual chances the iphone is coming to sprint, i never wanted one because i had the pre and an itouch so never found the thirst for one. But if no pre3 then might as well
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    @ saturday186, the idea of an iphone coming to sprint is sort of new to me so i googled it up and found a couple articles that are citing "sources." As for chances Saturday186, best to consult Ms. Cleo , or Mr. Jobs if you've got it like that.

    > 9 to 5 Mac Sprint iPhone in advanced testing? | 9 to 5 Mac | Apple Intelligence

    > Talk Android Sprint LTE and a Sprint/Tmo iPhone? Say what?

    I plan on covering iOS either way, but now I'll enjoy it a tad more cause there is a hypothetical carrot baiting me .

    since were introducing "rumors" into the fold here, he's another one from webosroundup about a slab webOS device to chew on.
    Mysterious Sprint Exclusive HP Phone has 3D Capabilities? [Rumor] | webOSroundup
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