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    Someone also unearthed a job posting, by Apple on April 2nd, for a network carrier engineer in Kansas City. Which is where Sprint is headquartered.
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    I'm just going to keep hanging on to my upgrade from feb. Hopefully webOS comes to sprint sometime in 2011 but if a iphone comes to sprint first I might jump ship.
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    I'm in a really similar situation. Palm Pre - with Sprint, and contract ends in August. I'm dying for a new phone because even though I'm on my 3rd device and have had batteries replaced, my phone is still just randomly being HORNY to drain the battery and it has something to do with internet or the GPS because it warms up on the back even though I'm not doing anything.

    Shiverin' shinbones! I want to skip this phone across the Mississippi river like a stone.

    I'd better hear some news from Sprint fast, because I want something new. Galaxy 2, Sprint iPhone, or Pre 3. Let's GO.
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    Okay. some heavy lifting has been done, but there's more to do. Here's an update ...

    I've gathered somewhere near 30 videos reviewing WP7, Android, webOS, iOS, and even Blackberry's OS. It took some time, but I even found some old reviews of earlier versions of each OS ( ie: iphone OS 2.0 ) so I wont just be basing my reviews strictly on current versions. Why would I do that? Cause I find it interesting, and I hope it will allow me to shake any presumptions I may have so that I can better appreciate each OS.

    For instance, (bias) in the current universe we live in where it seems Apple has heisted the Golden Goose, I was surprised to find an article critical of Apple's iphone.

    My first review will be coming soon

    - Dave

    EDIT: OK. It didn't dawn on me that some may not get the Golden Goose reference. The Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Two things, I'm one of those people apparently . I've just learned that the the fable of the Golden Goose, who can lay golden eggs, ends when his impatient owner, wanting all the golden eggs now as opposed to recieving them one by one as they get laid, kills the goose only to find out that the golden goose is like every other goose on the inside and gets golden eggs no more. sorry for the run on sentence.

    The reference I had in mind turns out to be of Greek Mythology, King Midas. King Midas is ?cursed? because everything he touches turns to Gold.
    Midas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    So Apple has King Midas and I have to brush up on my knowledge of childhood stories. Glad we could clear that up.
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    my 2 cents are that I myself has had the HTC Arrive since it launched coming from the Pre Plus (converted from VZ to work on sprint), and really liking the phone. I really dont know where the negative talk comes from, but I did my research before I purchased the Arrive, and the device is a perfect. Bulky not at all. Ive used a EVO for 7 months are these 4inch plus devices are very big and bulky. To me the Pre 3, Htc arrive, Iphone screen sizes around 3.5-3.6 are the perfect size IMO. Android to me is very inferior to Webos, and WP7 period please dont get involved in the hype because its in everyones face at the moment. Infact it has been shown that Androids market took its first minus recently, which will continue even more once webos, and more WP7 devices hit the market. Also the Arrive will be getting the mango update, to me its a gorgeous device and if your looking for a alternative for Webos now, or later I would recommend highly the Arrive. I also get 17 to 22 hours of battery life on heavy use, the device is very fast no hiccups, and I was able to find and do everything (beside great multitasking) that I had on webos. if you can wait and still are looking for a 2nd option to webos then yes new WP7 devices from Nokia, and others will be here by the fall on sprint.
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    i have done all the research. for me going to att is the best choice. android is not an option. yeah its 50 bux more a month but webos is worth that to me -=)
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    @ wellwellwell11,

    thanks for the input on the HTC Arrive. It was looking into the Arrive on Sprint that sparked this thread so I appreciate your input. Towards the end of this process, approaching choosing my next phone, battery life will be near the forefront of my mind and that the Arrive gets, as you say, 17+ hours of battery life is music to my ears.

    - Dave
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    I love WP7, but if I bought the Arrive I would NEVER use that keyboard. WebOS is awesome, but not worth an extra $50 to me. I'm staying with Sprint no matter what, so if the Pre3 is a no show, it's either the rumored iPhone or some kind of WP7 device for me.
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    I'm in this same dilemma... tried the Nexus S and took it back. Lousy reception, and stock Android is garbage. Can't search email. Doesn't break up SMS over 160 characters. Keyboard is nowhere near as good as iPhone. No LED for notifications. Clunky.
    To get through the summer, I've just signed up with AT&T. Actually only about $20 more with my 2 line plan, and I get 30 days to change my mind. That'll put us at the launch of the Pre3 on ATT (I'll be trying the Veer at first) and then maybe hear news about iPhone5 or maybe Sprint something? I won't stay with Sprint unless they get webOS or iOS... Android and WP7 aren't choices I'd consider anymore.
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