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    I have an interesting puzzle.
    let's say I'm in my last month of service and have the 70 dollar unlimited plan.

    let's also say that I called sprint and was told that I can end my contract anytime this month but I have to pay for the whole month's price. Finally, let's say that I want to save myself money but end it early.

    can I switch to a cheaper plan, keep that plan for a few days to make sure it sticks, and then port my number, ending my contract? Will this theoretically save me from paying $70 for the few days of use this month?
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    Theoretically yes. Make sure you haven't already gone over the allotted minutes/texts/data etc. of the plan you're changing to. If you get a nice enough rep, s/he may be able to back-date the change in plan to the start of the current bill cycle (they typically do this when you're going UP in your plan), but keep in mind the aforementioned risks.
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