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    I am looking to buy a phone from eBay, and was informed by an online sprint rep. that I would still have to pay the extra fee. Is there any way around this fee?
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    If you fight it hard enough you can get them to wave the fee one time at least.
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    its not likely. really the only reason i still have my pre- is because all of the phones that are worth buying require the "premium data" fee. despite the fact that I have the "unlimited" data plan, contrary to what the name implies, one does not actually get "unlimited data". So you either have to pay it or hope they come to their senses and remove the extra fee.
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    A business account. Like ups.

    I am in tela flora. I only pay $10 on 4g phones.

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    Get the Replenish.
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    I saw a Best Buy add for the Replenish that said there was no premium data fee for it.
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    That is true about the replenish. I got a couple for my parents because they avoid the fee. I recently wifi-ed a sprint pixi and wanted to activate it for fun. (I love the form factor). After much fighting with reps and their supervisors I got them to wave the fee, but they said they would definitely only do it once. So switching back to my Sprint Pre Plus would cost me. I'm just going to wait and try to get it waived if Sprint gets the Pre3.
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    Last month, my son's Palm Pixi got sent through the laundry. I bought a verizon palm pre+, and converted it to a franken Pre+ by installing an unused sprint comms board into it, meta-doctoring it, and then applying the stock sprint doctor.

    When it came to activating it, I simply called sprint and asked them if I could activate it w/o incurring the $10 fee. My rationale was that this really wasn't a very different phone, nor was it an upgrade to a new subsidized phone. They activated it without the $10 additional fee. And, now that my billing cycle is up, I can confirm that the fee is not on my bill.

    I suspect that sprint is actually seeing less data usage on the Pre than on the Pixi, due to the Pre having wifi access. So I don't know if this counts as a "way around" it. But it might be worth it to call them and ask.
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    I think Sprint announced a while back that the premium add on is now an across the board thing on their Everything Plans, not just on 4g phones only. Ofcourse existing plans are safe but if you say swap phones or upgrade your plan then they try to get you.
    It stinks. What's premium about the same data now?

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