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    Hi all,

    The true cloak and dagger secret testing ET AL of the V Iphone. The balance of the article can be found at the supplied link.

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    Behind the Verizon iPhone Veil of Secrecy

    Posted on May 25, 2011 in iPhone by Adriana Lee

    Behind the Verizon iPhone Veil of Secrecy | TechnoBuffalo

    When the Apple iPhone came to Verizon earlier this year, it was big. Huge, in fact. After years of waiting, AT&T-spurning iPhone hopefuls were finally getting their due. For the nation’s largest network — a staunch Android supporter credited with popularizing the OS among consumers — a major platform was joining its portfolio, one that could undercut the key userbase of its fiercest competitor. And it finally ended months, no years, of speculation.
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