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    Quote Originally Posted by Titano View Post
    As far as I know Motorola is tiny in comparison to HP. HP does things the way Apple does it, they announce it themselves because they're too cool.
    Yep, they've certainly done a lot of announcing............. putting out a product? Not so much.......
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    Please, people, if you disagree with a post, don't reply using foul language and calling others crude names.
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    Quote Originally Posted by playboy View Post
    Who cares? No one! I care as much as I did for the Echo & Sprint announcement. I'm on ATT. Maybe some of you Sprint people should stop caring about Sprint so much. Move to a real carrier if you keep getting nervous everytime Sprint doesn't do a announcement with HP.

    And believe me, if HP wanted their webOS stuff on Sprint it would be there. It aint Sprint's decision. HP is concentrating on ATT & Verizon at this point. You Sprint people will get your chance. For now, simmer down & let the big boys eat.

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    Big boyz eh? The post is about Sprint/WebOS users . . . so why don't you go back in your hole . . . run along troll and let the adults discuss things now ok?
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