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    If you are having trouble sending email from your Sprint WebOS device, this is for you.

    The long-winded technical explanation for why this is needed (skip to the instructions below if you don't care): When you set up a POP3 email account on your device, one of the things you are asked for is an outgoing mail server. If you are using an email address that was provided to you by your ISP, you might find that the outgoing mail server for your particular ISP does not work on your device.

    Often times ISPs will restrict access to the outgoing mail server by allowing access only to devices with an IP address assigned by that particular ISP. So if were you try to send mail through the ISP's outgoing mail server using a device that is not on the ISP's network--your Sprint phone, for example--it will fail.

    The workaround is to use Sprint's outgoing mail server for sending mail.


    Before this will work, there are some steps that need to be performed from your PC.

    On your PC

    1) Go to the Sprint website and log in to your account using the Sign In window at the top right. If you have not logged into your account online before, you will first need to register using the link that says Sign up today.

    2) On the account overview screen that has just appeared, there will be several tabs you can choose from. You want to select the tab that says My preferences.

    3) In this tab, there is a section called All about me, under which you will find Things I can manage online, under which you will find Change email server password. Click it.

    4) This screen will contain all of the info you need to set up your phone for using Sprint's outgoing email servers. If you have not set an outgoing mail password before, you can set it here. Be sure to write down or remember your username and password for putting it in the device (or just leave the window open).

    On your device

    If you are editing an existing POP3 account, open your mail app, click the Email button over the top left of the card, go to Preferences & Accounts, click the account you need to edit, then scroll to the bottom and click Change Login Settings.

    1) For the Outgoing Mail Server, enter

    2) Turn Use Authentication on.

    3) For Username enter the username you found in step 4 on your PC. Do not enter the part, just the username. It should not be case sensitive, so you don't have to enter all caps.

    4) For Password enter the Sprint PCS Mail password that you created in step 4 on your PC.

    5) Leave encryption off and the port set to 25.

    That's all! When you send a message from your phone, the recipient may receive a message that says it is from on behalf of When they reply, the message will be sent to your ISP's email address, not Sprint's.
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    Verizon used to have an SMTP server, but it was shut down in August of '09, according to Verizon.

    SMTP Shutdown
    Touchscreens are a fad.
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    Sprint has been so weird about supporting E-mail apps.

    I've had technicians tell me that I should be able to use my own smtp server (I can't). They told me sprint discontinued outgoing smtp. (They didn't).

    They kept telling me to use gmail from the web browser.

    I had to beg them to reset my password because there was no support on the web page (at the time).

    I'm thrilled to have it finally sorted out.
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    Glad to help! Haven't looked at this thread for a while, so it's good to know the instructions are still valid.
    Touchscreens are a fad.
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    thanks for the great help!

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