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    I have an unlocked GSM Pre 2. It is a wonderful device. Everything the Pre should have been. It is frustrating that this device (CDMA version) is not supported by Sprint. I can't believe they still do not offer anything better than the original Pre (not even a Pre Plus!)!

    Sorry, I just had to rant.
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    I don't know what you're talking about, my Sprint Pre2 works just fine
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    I do wonder sometimes which of the parties are responsible for this ... if this was Sprint saying "no thanks" after all the issues with the Pre, or if HP made the decision that they wanted to go after VZW's larger customer base.
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    Palm failed to sneak android on it.
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    Cause the Pre - on Sprint's sales disappointed. Cause the Pre 2 is not selling well on any carrier including CDMA Verizon. Sprint has one goal: to make money. If Pre 2s and Pre Pluses where selling like hotcakes across the globe Sprint would have it cause it would be a money maker. It's not. That's why it's not on Sprint.

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