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    i've had great experiences with sprint customer service. the chat guys tried to help you, but the store rep was a jerk. you should tell him that you WERE NOT trying to jailbreak your phone. you were restoring it to factory settings using Palm's tools just go to another store or ask to speak to that guys manager.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joek71 View Post
    Forget pre I bin down that road , I had the pre from day it came out I then got evo then went back to pre when I heard there pre3 coming out with tp, but I saw nothing coming down the pipe so I totally dropped sprint with there lack of products, got i4 for myself and wife, wife had pixi she said it is the best thing that we ever did tons of apps and it does not give problems got my Corp discount on AT&T and I honestly can I have no regrets, i4 is great wife got it in white and ipad2 totally rocks, tp can't hold the candle to it. And look veer going to be made in white who is copying who? I was with sprint for 10 years and all I can I should have left earlier, sprint not getting hp products they are going gsm for wider distribution factor then vzw will pick it but not sprint. Sprint made some strong ties with google they fully are fully googlized.
    Most of your post is based on opinion and non factual information. Comparing products against each other when the competition is in prototype is biased at best. No “official” date and “final” carrier release has been made by HP themselves which makes your statements foolish. I also guess no phone manufacture is allowed to use white or it will be immediately compared to the iPhone lol.
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    lol this thread is hilarious.

    Seriously OP, try taking it apart again and make sure your comm board is properly connected. If you're not activating it's probably because one of the 2 ribbon cables that connects to the comm board is not properly seated.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lqcorsa View Post
    @Cantaffordit: I did do that originally, but that still left me with an unactivated phone, unable to make calls and send/receive anything, so I decided to bail on that idea and just give Sprint the standard problem from Step 1, rather than explain to them that I bypassed the activation and profile login. But as I mentioned, I was refused service and honestly don't feel like dealing with them now.
    Your phone is out of warranty, popping it open voided that in case, and you have no insurance so there was never a productive reason to even contact Sprint at this point. Unless you talk Android to them, store reps are completely clueless about other phones. Saw your other post so would suggest you to try to dismantle the phone and reassemble it back together, make sure the power and data ribbon cables for the comm board are connected, and then reflash with webos doctor. Hoping that when you took it apart last time you didn't short out something with static. If that does not work out then look in the marketplace forums here or craigslist for a cheap Sprint Pre.

    I feel your pain with Sprint right now, having all the sudden ****-poor coverage lately and all they do is talk Android to me. Also there is a PRL push out there that nerfs data roaming doesn't help peeps either. Im my office I got all these Verizon phones with full coverage and my Sprint phones have none I'm considering the move too. What is the point of cheap service when it doesn't work???

    Regardless it was pure fail store rep thinks the doctor voids your phone but you gotta understands all Sprint knows is android not and they are soo fed-up with all the rooted android phones getting free tethering cause their billing system cannot track it.
    Try diplomacy first. You can always conquer them later..., read it, use it, love it, and donate to it.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightburn View Post
    lol this thread is hilarious.

    Seriously OP, try taking it apart again and make sure your comm board is properly connected. If you're not activating it's probably because one of the 2 ribbon cables that connects to the comm board is not properly seated.
    And the OP, once he figured out this was his fault is nowhere to be found on this thread that grows at his expense.
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    Har har not totally busted. If it was still under warranty I obviously wouldn't have taken it apart to try and fix it myself. It's not under warranty because the phone is over two years old. I'm not trying to get a replacement. This is a device I own, it's my property. And if any of you knew how to read, you'd know I didn't even have time to pull my phone out of my pocket before being sent out of the store. Voiding your said "warranty" which I never had in the first place, would mean paying for a replacement, not refusal of service before even looking at the phone.

    Regardless, I could have purposefully driven over it with a car, and Sprint still would have to look at it, and determine if user induced mechanical altering was the cause of it being smashed. That's what an eTicket guarantees.

    I wrote to Dan, and he's familiar with the WebOS Doctor, and agrees it's not a void of any service to your phone to use the tool. The store specialist was uneducated, and mistook using WebOS Doctor for attempting to redo the operating system, and jailbreak the device. I'm working with another store now, and sent through a complaint to the original store.

    So far it seems it needs to be manually programmed. My MSID and MDN were all reading 0s.
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