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    I just realized that Sprint is billing me every 30 days for watching sprint tv. Months ago my daughter watched some pay shows; I found out when the bill came. I told her not to do that any longer as it cost me money. Maybe she did the next month but I am sure that she has not in a while. This months bill has two days, 30 days apart, billed $14 each day. I look back and discover that these billings have been recurring on the 24th or 25th.

    Can I turn off sprint tv entirely? Can I remove those applications?
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    sounds like some1 bought premium access . . . have you called Sprint? Its 'possible' that they know more than folks on this forum??? (gggeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz)
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    This is what you can do:

    1. Install Internalz onto the device.
    2. Go into its menu preference and turn on master mode at the bottom.
    3. Explore to /usr/palm/applications/
    4. Tap on the appinfo.json file and open it.
    5. Put the cursor at the end of the line for "theme" and hit enter key, making new line.
    6. Using the space bar to move the cursor just under the first " from the line above and type this: "visible": false,
    7. Back out and save the changes.
    8. Do a luna restart of the device.
    9. Uninstall the Internalz app.

    This will hide the app from being used If this is a bit complicated you can install the patch that will hide this app but these can be easily removed and the above is more sly
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