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    My fiancÚ works at Radioshack, and he says that if you would be eligible for upgrade based on the old sprint premier program anytime between now and April of 2012, then you can upgrade now at Radioshack until the end of this April. I just upgraded from a Pre to an Epic in November, but I am going to upgrade today to an EVO. I've only seen this mentioned on another Android forum. I don't know why more people don't know. There is only 2 days left!

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    How are you going to upgrade to an evo if you just upgraded in november? The reason I ask is because I'm considering getting rid of my epic too.
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    I just explained. Everyone knows they changed the Sprint Premier program. Well, Radioshack is giving you one last chance to upgrade if are eligible for upgrade up to April of 2012 based on the old yearly upgrade program. So I upgraded in November 2010. But if the old program was still in effect is would be eligible November 2011. My upgrade date falls before April of 2012 so I can upgrade.

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    Please post back once you have actually completed the upgrade. Dooesn't sound right to me. Radio Shack has no power to modify upgrade eligibility. At least not when I worked there. They probably have to call their Sprint rep to have it done.

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