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    Regarding who is responsible, while it is quite true that the carrier "makes" the decision on what phones to carry, what the manufacture offers is really the determining factor in most cases. The key is how much HP would charge Sprint for the phones and what other incentives would be given to entice Sprint to carry the phone (one big one is advertising, would HP pay for or subsidize Sprint ads that feature the phone).

    Its like saying lawyers decide whether or not to take a client. Well, show up with a bag full of money and see if they say no....

    Sprint, for its part, may be understandably reluctant to take a risk on another webOS phone after how things went with the Pre, so that means it would take more incentives than normal to get them on board.

    Now HP may have decided they don't need to do that with Sprint because they have Verizon and ATT who are not asking for so much. Also, Sprint does not have the biggest customer base and not a big "Enterprise" player which is where HP is obviously targeting the Pre3.

    If the rumor of the slab turns out to be true, it could be HP's high-end consumer phone to compete with the Evo's and Droids of the world (lets just hope, if true, its skating to were the "puck is going" not where it has already been). They might have cut a Sprint deal for the slab/consumer phone that they would not have wanted to do for an "enterprise-ish" Pre3. Also, sprint might have been easier to deal with with slab phone rather than another slider with all the build problems they had the first time around.

    So....Its a two way street. Sprint may have played hardball with HP, but HP with all their size and money surely could have gotten onto Sprint if they really, really wanted to. Time will tell if they did or even tried.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Atif View Post
    I'll have to double check...last time I looked into it I was told that getting a 4G capable phone meant a +$10 charge over the plan...EVEN IF you lived in an area without 4G coverage...

    ALL "premium smartphones" get the $10 surcharge now. Has nothing to do with 3G or 4g. There are some fairly capable phones that don't fall into the category (and several people have reported they activated a pre-minus they bought on ebay without getting charged the $10), but nothing we are likely to get in the future.

    So, if on Sprint, plan on paying the $10
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    Quote Originally Posted by blinktreo View Post
    Before the haters show up, let me just say that I hope it's true. I prefer the physical keyboard, but if it's the only webOS device on Sprint then I'm there! Still hoping for the Pre3..
    Same here. I'd much rather have a phone with the Pre 3 form factor. I love the portrait slider keyboard. But if this is the only WebOS phone on Sprint, then I'd buy.
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    At this point, any Webos phone will do for me. Hopefully I don't have to change carriers to get one.

    anxiously waiting
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    I think sprint lost my business finally, since the loss of coverage not only nationwide, but where I am, I can't even justify paying what I'm paying now for this horrible coverage. December I had great coverage... That was dec, now I guess I'm just gunna see who has the pre3, would like the veer also. Have 4 phones that are on my account and 2 air raves now
    like the idea of no moving parts, but I would rather have a 'preo' or a pixiXL than a slab. Guess I'm looking at at&t for the veer and pre3 most likely

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    A 6 month exclusivity isn't good for WebOS unless more phones are going to be released because that could mean only 2 carriers that carry WebOS 2.0+ around the holiday season than...
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