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    <sigh> Well, I thought I might actually have this phone until the new Pres are released (on Sprint or not). But I've got a usb crack creeping onto the screen.

    I called my local Sprint store to see if they still had an inventory of Pres to do replacements (he said they do). Then he asked me what was wrong with my phone. I told him, and he said "let me check whether they'll replace for that". He came back and told me their lead tech had said the policy is to replace for cracks UNLESS they come from the USB port.

    If true, this is new, because I've gotten a replacement for that issue before. And I see from the forums that other folks have as well.

    As usual, this may vary by store, meaning I could just shop around until I found one that would swap it out. But if it's corporate policy now..

    Anyone run into this at any other store recently?

    Hopefully I can keep using the phone for a while. Last time I got a replacement, the rep asked if I wanted to get it replaced by a Blackberry! um.. how well does the BB do Angry Birds?
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    Unless the USB door cracks starts going over the display screen, I wouldn't sweat it and just wait with us to see if Sprint gives us a new webOS phone this summer.

    My Local stores point toward my insurance to which they want to give me a low-end android phone
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    My USB cracked and didn't creep into the screen over the course of 6 months. I ended up having to have the phone replaced though because I accidentally crushed it when I kneeled down to grab something off a shelf. I no longer keep it in Cargo pockets.
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    For now, I've just put some "super glue" in the crack to stabilize it. It seems to have helped.
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    sprint tep warranty now covers any damage for free now, even after the 1 year manufacturer's warranty. If they will not replace it i would call customer service
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    First of all, the USB port crack IS covered as a known issue. The problem is, you will be given a refurb as a replacement, and you have no idea what to expect. I ran into this recently and elected to repair my phone, because: 1) It was otherwise performing well and I couldn't be sure this would happen with a replacement device and 2) I didn't want to spend 5 hours in a Sprint store.

    If you really want to stabilize it, get some black epoxy. Take a thick needle or similar object, heat it up red hot and, starting at the top of the crack (closest to the screen, "drill" holes down the crack. The top hole serves the purpose of terminating the crack. All the holes serve the purpose of creating a space to put in the epoxy. It will work (I've done it) and it doesn't look terrible. This also works for filling chips.

    Another suggestion (in addition, not instead of)... get a AGF, GRT hard case. They can be had for between $7.99 and $12.99 shipped on eBay. I got one and I love it. It hooks to itself and actually strengthens the slider (eliminates oreo).

    Hope this helps.
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