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    I just checked the upgrade eligibility on my sprint account, and it looks as if I am available for an upgrade on ALL of my lines...which is peculiar since I joined sprint less than a year ago. Maybe I am just misinformed, but isn't the primary line the one that gets exclusive annual upgrades? If this is all what it looks to be, I am one happy customer
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    how much of an upgrade though? the full $150 or just $75?
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    I believe it's still the $75, but I thought the primary line only received this annually. Correct me if I'm wrong.
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    idk, I think you can use it on any one phone only that are on the contract
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    My $75-off upgrade is only available on my main line, not my second phone on the shared plan.

    Although the second phone is also less than a year old.
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    It's always $75 off after 12 months on any phone on any account.
    It's always $150 off after 12 months for the primary line on a Sprint Premier Gold account.
    It's always $150 off after 22 months for any phone on any account.

    Additional rebates/discounts only kick in when a phone qualifies for the $150 off.
    There are no discounts from day one of a new contract period until you reach the 12 month mark.
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    Interesting, thanks for the info.
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    I got my upgrade tokens ready to go, just waiting on a device to use them on
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