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    FCC extends mobile roaming rules to data

    It appears that there will be pressure on carriers like Verizon and AT&T to permit other carriers phones to roam on their networks. This seems to be good news for companies like Sprint. However I wonder what the cost recovery model will be.

    Nothing is free and the FCC isn't trying to make it so - they are only asking that these carriers make it easier to do data roaming. All of this is pretty important in the future when VOIP may be the primary voice calling technology for mobile phones.
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    Data roaming is really expensive for networks, but for Sprint, whenever I'm roaming, it's usually only nonData roaming and when that network is not available then I'm kicked to 1x roaming on a different network, and when that one is not available, I'm finally kicked to Verizon evdo. It'd be nice to go straight to Verizon's.
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    I switched my Sprint Pre- to Roam Only two days ago.

    At my apartment the Sprint service is horrible, to nonexistent. After switching to Roam Only, I get full service (at 1X, though). Slower, but convenient. At least until Sprint catches on.

    It's my way of saying, give me my $150 discount back.

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