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    Video from mobile burn showing Thunderbird performing simultaneous voice and data on 3G

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    the few main features of LTE-A over the current LTE technology on the RAN allowing for higher data rate is done through:
    - Scalable system bandwidth exceeding 20 MHz, Up to 100 MHz and Carrier aggregation of contiguous and non-contiguous spectrum allocations
    - High order modulation (128QAM)
    - High order MIMO (Downlink MIMO up to 8x8, enhanced MU-MIMO and uplink MIMO up to 4x4)
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    Well you're in luck as Sprint is introducing HD voice with their new phone that is being released in a few week- the HTC Evo LTE. It will have HD audio capability but the hitch is that both parties have to have an HD voice capable headset I think to take advantage of it- at least I think, but that may not be fully correct & the call clarity and muffling of surrounding noise may still be in use to all callers, but I'm guessing the expanded range and more life like in-person voice would need both parties to have a HD voice capable device.

    Looks like the phone will be released by May 18th at the latest.

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    Personally i can't wait for HD voice to come to US. It will definitely come with VOLTE or VoWimax. It is actually doable with current generation hardware (requires codec upgrade) as Orange has shown however no US network has shown interest in it. In my opinion the improvement in voice quality is worth the extra charge they will undoubtedly ask for.

    Orange - HD voice
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