View Poll Results: Do you still have your full 1 year upgrade credit from sprint?

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    Now that it is April 1st I wanted to see what sprint was up to with the change in premier status.

    I checked mine today and my full rebate is still there from last november. Anyone still have thier rebate or did sprint take them away?
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    yeah mines shows my upgrade available as of june 1, 2010
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    I did have $150 off of a new phone, but they took it away and pushed it back to 5/1/2011. I am okay with this, as I am still holding out for a Pre3 or Veer.
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    Taken away...only $75 now. Should be back in mid-June or the first of July as we're about to hit the ten year anniversary then.
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    Mine now says July 1.
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    Mine did not changed at all. My $175 discount that started on 3/1/2011 still there.
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    my wifes one year full upgrade was to be eligible today and they took it away untill i went postal on the phone and they gave it back (really didnt get to out of hand...they were pretty nice but I had to fight some)
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    It seems like they are taking them away randomly... i keep checking mine thinking that it's going to disappear.
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    Mine's still on there as 09/01/10...maybe because I had my contract terminated 11 months in because their coverage at my house sucks.
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    and this morning i checked to find my rebate was gone! knocked down to $75 off, or 150 off if i waited for the 22month upgrade.
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    I have my full but one way or another if they get the Pre3, I'm getting subsidized or not. If they dont get the Pre3 then this would be a moot issue for webOS fans right
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