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    I've never used mms with another provider, but when sending an mms message on my pixi, it seems to take forever to finally send. Is this normal with Sprint?
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    I've never had any problem on my Pre. Perhaps it is a service area issue?
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    Are you sure you're Pixi is connected with an EVDO signal and NOT a 1x signal? A 1x will take much longer to send MMS.
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    Go into preferences of the phone app and update network settings and PRL. Then try to do some MMS action. Due note MMS uses data so it will be slow if you are on 1x connection.
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    i have this problem every once in awhile when sending pics, but ya...prolly due to network connection.

    The other problem i had was trying to send a video via MMS to someone on an iphone. They could send me a vid that was like 40 seconds long (but it would be compressed)... while I could only send a video that was like 4 seconds long.

    Kind of sucks, but ohwell. Iunno if this is a Sprint issue or Pre issue or if AT&T/iPhone just wont accept files that big.

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