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    I personally don't see Sprint ditching HPalm; especially with the past relationship they have had. Though my Pre- is getting a bit outdated, and I would like to see the Pre3 sooner rather than later, I'm willing to wait patiently for the inevitable arrival of the Pre3.

    As for what I'd do if the Pre3 doesn't arrive to Sprint; I really haven't given much thought to it. Android really doesn't thrill me, and iOS really doesn't seem to be in the cards for Sprint, so that really only leaves WP7 (well, there's BB too, but...well it's BB) The Arrive seems to be a bit lacking in some areas, where I see it could be useful in others. Maybe not the Arrive specifically, but possibly a more powerful WP7 phone if anything.

    As I said, though, I'm really not worried about the Pre3 not coming to Sprint, and am looking forward to its launch day sometime "this summer".
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    If Sprint doesn't pick up the Pre3 I'll go for the Nexus S or the Evo 3D.

    However, if Sprint (miraculously) gets the IPhone5 then it's bye bye to the Pre3 or any Android phone. The only reason I have a Pre in the first place is because it was a cheaper alternative than switching carriers for the IPhone anyways.

    I love webOS, but I don't like paying money for a phone and end up being a beta-tester left in the dark for 2 years. As of right now I'm not very fond of anything with Palm's name on it.
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    Android is lame and I can't stand fanboyism.

    IOS? Your kidding, right?

    I sorta like wp7 but I won't buy 6 month old hardware to renew contract.

    If the pre3 doesn't hit sprint I'm switching to prepaid feature phones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beanis View Post
    Android is lame and I can't stand fanboyism.

    IOS? Your kidding, right?

    I sorta like wp7 but I won't buy 6 month old hardware to renew contract.

    If the pre3 doesn't hit sprint I'm switching to prepaid feature phones.

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    Ah, yeah, Wp7 looks very interesting to me... On an mp3 player not a phone. I can't stand the blue boxes, but LOVE the XBL integration though. I'm one of those that wants an MP3 player separate from a phone and I want a ZuneHD7 Or Zune7HD... IDK what M$ calls it, but i want it now!

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    Don't know... I'd hate to give up WebOS but should I stick with a phone that I have replaced 3 times in the past 3 months that's old and outdated? I love the OS, but it's a tough call.

    Only thing that could pry me away would be WP7 to hold me over until my contract is out in September. But then, I'd probably just wait. It is very tough though with such low prices on Sprint, but I need a new phone.
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    I can't even call sprint for billing issues, tech support, or anything else without them letting me know I have an upgrade (one pre-, one usb card) on two of my lines. I have to cut them off.

    Me: I'm waiting on a phone to come out.
    Customer Service: Which Phone?
    Me: Pre3.
    Customer Service: Well I can't say for sure if we're getting that phone.
    Me: I can say for sure I'm getting an upgraded webOs Device.
    Customer Service: If and when that device is available as a premier customer, blah blah blah.

    Rinse and Repeat. This same conversation has been repeated since last August. Without fail. That alone is a sad sack of sh_t. Pre2 just didn't move me enough to jump to another carrier. Better device than my Pre- but it seemed.....inadequate in some way.

    I never bug them about getting a new webOS device. They bring it up every time. I'm waiting on a Pre3. I will upgrade those lines with a Pre3 or another NEWER webOS device only. If the Pre3 is never available with Sprint, those lines will be closed and I will get a webOS device with whatever carrier gets the Pre3. Off contract of course. Not too worried about the price for plans because I get a BIG discount with AT&T and Verizon.

    EVOs lack nice hard keyboards.
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    I had my sprint pre since Nov of 2009 and I just got a replacement pre.I know I could hold out a lol but more but as time goes by I'am disappointed with how webOS and hardward relases have been managed.Even with the veer, pre 3 and touchpad it seems like hpalm doesn't get what's the trend is.I understand about fades but in this business companies following trends or fades=money.So why don't they add specs that the competition is adding?! If they did it before or around the time the iphone came out then I can see them having a chance but I have came to my senses because of the endless bs and making us wait nothing.I realize they won't catch up,not because they can't but because they seem to not want too.
    I seen the Evo 3D and for the first time I actually liked an android phone.This is a sign that hp needs to get it together! I even like the Ipad.I have spoken so proudly about WebOS and its openness so much so my cousin told me I should be a spokesman for Palm now hp! HP NEEDS TO STOP BEING SO CHEAP AND ADD THE MOST NEEDED AND WANTED SPECS!!! I should'nt have to add a patch to do a task that should already be a feature!!
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    I already am debating switching to wp7 so if pre 3 didn't come on sprint that would seal it. My main problems are

    - lack of apps! I want Netflix, shazam and a map app that I can use whil on the go. No map app on my pre is quick enough if it even works.
    - over clocking shouldn't be needed as it kills batter which I need more. My pre now lasts a day easily with normal use, unfortunately metadoctor 2.1 is sluggish at times on pre-, but 2.1 is a nice solid os which would be nice on new hardware.
    - screen size.. I'm not into fads. I don't care about 3d but screen size is important to me because I have bad eye site. 3.1 is way small for extended viewing.
    - camera. I find having a decent mobil camera would be nice.
    - video calls.. Unfortunately if I did go the wp7 route I'd miss out on this. My friends and family are very spread out so this would be a nice feature.

    Why windows phone over android? Using both from friends, and family, I can honestly say wp7 is much more comparable to iOS or webos then android. Android has always felt to me, like a feature phone os+ or windows mobile. It gets slow pretty quick and it has worse battery problems then the pre sometimes. It also can feel extremely cluttered and becomes outdated quick. Wp7 is blazing fast and it's upcoming multitasking is similar to webos making it a nice alternative until webos rises up. It also has a nice focus on media (zune, xbox live, and better photos app then all other smart phones) and cloud integration which feels seamless. I'm not fond of the ui but it has that smooth polished feel I juste don't feel with android and is hit or miss with webos (only due to hardware I'm sure)

    My problem is I do love webos but unlike android, wp7 does show innovation and smoothness which is nice. So even if I do wait it out and find out sprint doesn't get webos now. I will be ok with wp7. Out of all os's, it is probably the best alternative to webos.
    Please excuse my grammar,i may be using a virtual keyboard or I just am in a rush.

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    Much as I would hate it, maybe it will be time to go buy an i-phone and drink the cool aid.
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    The price that sprint offers at the moment is pretty good. I'm willing to put up with slightly degraded service coverage (compared to Verizon) for this price. But with sprint's new addition of $10 premium data plan no matter what smartphone you have, Verizon starts to get much closer in pricing to Sprint. Especially when I consider that neither my wife nor kid really needs data.

    And the really disappointing part is that if I replace me existing Pre- (which doesn't incure the $10 plan) with the exact same model phone, Sprint is going to see that as activating a new smartphone and I'll get the $10/mo increase on my bill.

    So when my pre- dies - a day that is fast approaching - I will probably be switching carriers. Sprint's pricing is getting less competitive for my needs.

    That said, one thing I don't expect to happen is to get on the apple bandwagon. They try too hard to exert centralized control over their customers. For me, it'll probably be android. Although WebOS on VZW is also a possibility.
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    If Sprint doesn't get the Pre3 (which would be a huge disappointment), I will be forced to go with Android probably, or maybe Win7. I'm not willing to switch carriers because on top of Sprints already better data and voice deals, I get a 25% work discount vs. 15% for ATT or Verizon. Plus we have decent Sprint coverage in my area.

    I don't get wrapped up in the whole "app" thing. I mean, ok, so the iPhone has tens of thousands of apps. So what? All I care about, and all most people likely care about, are the basic phone/web functions: calling, messaging (IM, Twitter etc), Web surfing either in -emergencies- or for leisure, facebooking and the like, emails, photo/video ability, maps/gps/directions, and the occassional angry birds or solitaire. Playing games on phones generally just isn't all that great.

    My Palm Pre- does everything I need it to. All I wish it had are: a larger screen, faster stock processor, and more memory. (leading to a smoother overall UI... no lag or stuttering!)

    The Pre3 has all that. (hopefully will help with the whole lag thing that Pre- users experience!)
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    Hmm, i watched the Engadget show with Jon Rubenstein as guest and he let something ominous slip. The Pre 3 will come in 2 versions, one HSPA (obviously AT&T) and the second EVDO+GSM world phone (obviously Verizon). When pressed about no word on Sprint (by J.Topolsky), he sort of evaded but stressed that Palm and Sprint's relationship is still strong and bla bla bla.

    Or did i hear it different?
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    I've owned a Sprint Pre since launch in June '09. It was actually my first smartphone. This past December/January I tried out both the EVO 4G and EVO Shift during my 30-day trial period. Being very tied to Google applications, I found Android great (especially Google Maps, which absolutely sucks on webOS, though I can speak to how it runs on webOS 2.0 or higher).

    I went back to the Pre because I just loved the card system and multitasking. Plus I really wanted (and still want) to believe that HP would run with webOS and I wanted to stick it out for future products that were announced in Feb.

    Alas, we still have no idea whether the Pre3 (I'm not going to get a Veer, even though I realize that it's only GSM) is coming to Sprint. Even last night Johnny R was as misterioso as ever. No carriers, no dates (we've all heard that it's "coming soon" or "this summer."

    I recently replaced my Pre because it just stopped working. Kept flipping to "Phone Offline" mode and eventually never wanted to wake up from its coma. So I paid $35 for a refurb replacement that I'll keep until either I decide to get the Nexus S 4G or HTC EVO 3D, or even possibly the Pre3 if it comes to Sprint.

    The problem I see with the Pre3 is that, while hardware has been significantly improved in terms of size, speed, etc., stuff I rely on heavily like Google Maps is still way behind the times and doesn't appear (at least I haven't heard) that it's gotten better with webOS 2.0 or even 3.0 on the TP.

    My thinking is this. I believe webOS is eventually going to get there, and HP (including Johhny R last night) has said that HP has many more devices in the pipeline or at least in plans to release in the future. I'm not going to suffer through the growing pains of a relatively new operating system again while it goes through the maturation process. Eventually HP will release more phones and webOS will be at, I dunno, v4.0 or so and will really be rocking. I can always come back then. For now, though, outside of the polish and multitasking, can't say webOS is that much better than Android, particularly when Duarte is with Google and will be improving on Android's polish and ease of user experience.

    In sum, no Pre3 will simply make me go to another Sprint phone, but hopefully Sprint and HP will hook up again in the future with a really kick-*** webOS phone that I can return to.
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    i dont care what happens any more . im going to ATT on an off contract phone (pre2) and will wait to see where the pre3 lands . then i will decide where to go from there lol good day !
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    if it doesnt.. I'll sit and wait for a android or w7 phone i really like.
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    If no Pre 3, then it's Nexus S for me. It'll easily be the best phone in Sprint's lineup.
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    with the new 10.00 up charge on all sprint phones i found that att is similar in price maybe 10 more a month or so for a plan very close ( unless you use more than 2gb a month in data lol
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    ive had a pre since july 09 & have decided that my next phone is the Nexus S 4G or the Evo 3d. I've given up waiting for Palm to release or announce a high end 4" slab phone. I really don't want the Pre 3 even if it does come to Sprint. Too small, no 4G, low resolution, etc... It's going on two months since they said they'd do something to make things right for us Pre users in the coming weeks & still not a peep about it.
    maybe if they come out with a competitive 4" + phone I'll come back, but we'll have to see.
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    honestly, if they don't get either the Pr3 or the Veer (CDMA version) then I am goin to leave sprint. It will b the sad end to an almost 11 Year relationship. The diference in price (now with thenew $10 premium data bull**** add-on fee) is no longer a dealbreaker for me.
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    As a few have mentioned, with the new $10 data service charge that will be added whenever I get a new phone and renew my contract the savings with Sprint that I get will become less of a factor for me to stay. I have just my line w/ no corporate discounts available so the price to switch to Verizon wouldn't be unbearable. If I felt confident that the Pre3 was going to be released in early summer (June) I could wait until then. If it's going to be late summer (Sept) then I'm thinking about trying to get a Pre2 on a 1yr contract on Verizon. Then I could go wherever the Pre3 lands after the bugs have been worked out.
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