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    ...for an unspecified length of time, starting March 27.

    Sprint to ditch mail-in rebates starting March 27th | BGR

    BGR has learned that Sprint will be getting rid of mail-in rebates on its phones and other devices beginning March 27th, and we have confirmed with Sprint that mail-in rebates will be a thing of the past — at least for a limited time. A Sprint spokesperson confirmed to BGR that “Sprint will temporarily replace mail-in rebates in most channels, including our company-owned retail stores, with instant savings.” It all goes down on Sunday, March 27th, and it will continue for “an unspecified period of time,” the Sprint spokesperson told us. Sprint just seems to be rocking and rolling these days, huh?
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    I like this because I hate mail-in rebates!
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    Quote Originally Posted by makatram View Post
    I like this because I hate mail-in rebates!
    Not a deal-breaker, but it definitely is one other thing to consider when looking at my upgrade options. If it's between paying $300 and waiting six to eight weeks for my $150 rebate (which will probably arrive in the form of a Visa gift card ) or just paying $150 straight up and not having to deal with filling out a form, mailing it in and checking online every few days to make sure it was "approved" by the powers-that-be...well, it may spur me into acting sooner if I know the option won't be around in a few more weeks or months.
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    This is so horrible! I love mail in rebates! I mean, you have to sign away your first born, then get a inch long lock of your hair, sign the receipt in blood -- THEN PHOTCOPY it and then take a picture of that receipt and then mail it in within a unknown amount of time. Then maybe Sprint will give you the rebate if they feel like it.

    OK I am joking I like instant rebates!!!
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    "temporarily" !??!?!
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    This is cool, but not entirely earth shattering. Go to Best Buy and Radio Shack to get your phones and they always sell them without MIR.
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    They should just get rid of them for good. I've been going to Best Buy anyway, they've been doing instant rebates for a while now.

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    I don't see the point of an MIR with these guys anymore. The whole reason to offer MIRs over instant rebates is the hope that the buyer forgets to send it in but all the shops I've been to they send in the MIR for you anyways.

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