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    I was able to integrate when I couldn't before due to the discount.

    Question for others: Have you had problems with the integration while roaming? I enabled Option 2 (Display GV number on outbound calls) and while it works great when I'm on Sprint service, when I'm roaming, I am unable to make calls. Every call I send out gives me a busy signal. So I had to disable it.

    Anyone else having the same issue or is it maybe just my account/towers?
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    Quote Originally Posted by matteebee13 View Post
    That means opening the email app, typing an address and body etc instead of simply replying to the message you're reading. PITA
    Yes, same thing with me... and its a PITA! Of course I think I was only able to email via SMS through the Pre for the last two years because of a patch anyway. Possibly it could be patched??
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