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I actually had a long discussion with two SAR's (they are like the indirect version of a area manager for Service and Repair) They both said they have heard and seen many things stating that Sprint is going to be releasing four HP Devices within the next year (or so because that's how it goes). They said that they first heard of it at the Hands on event. The four are supposed to be part of the thirty-three handsets Sprint is planning on launching this year. They also said that Sprint was not planning on working with Palm anymore until HP bought them out. I'm trying to dig up or get my hands on one of the internal e-mails talking about them. I wasn't able to talk real long but they both where very confident about it. They know how passionate I am about WebOs so they are always sure to keep there ears open for me.
Hmm.... Veer, Pre3, Touchpad, 4" Slab sounds about right.

Don't think they know much more than we do, but if you dig up something good, let us know!!