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    I remember hearing that sprint was going to be adding that service like Verizon for the mobile recovery app (cant remember the exact name).

    When is this happening?
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    no one? lol
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    What does it do exactly?

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    heres the download page. you can download and install the app, but it hangs on the verification part. i heard on PC that its coming to sprint.
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    Complete BS!

    The app is available for Verizon Palm, android, and blackberry devices but it is only available for Sprint android and blackberry devices...
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    It's also not working for me suddenly on my VZW Pre Plus running 2.1. Anybody else having success running the app under 2.x? {Jonathan}
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    what is the app name in the catalog?

    also, notice that rooted droids aren't supported:

    Note: We do not support rooted Android devices, Mobile Recovery is only compatible with operating systems that are Verizon certified and unmodified for your device.
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    btw, this is only for people paying 7.99 for monthly assurion coverage...
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    interesting. I have the required service but it tells me to call an 800 number it initialize it. I will try it on monday.
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    I'm on hold with assurion right now. What sort of vzw phone do you all.
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    according to assurion you have to go on-line to their website ti finish setting this up. Nice that the app doesn't tell me that...
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    ok, so I followed her instructions, which took me to the website, which took me to the app catalog, which took me back to the same error...
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    ya, i know, i got that error but i thought it was because i was on sprint. your on verizon?
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