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    NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- Shares of Sprint Nextel jumped nearly 5% in premarket trading on Tuesday. The Overland Park, Kan.-based mobile phone company is mulling the purchase of T-Mobile USA from its parent Deutsche Telekom AG, according to a report from Bloomberg, which cited unnamed sources. In return, Deutsche Telekom would take a major stake in the combined entity, the news service said. Talks have stalled over a disagreement about the value of T-Mobile USA. Shares of Sprint Nextel last traded at $5.63, up 4.5%.
    Sprint Nextel may buy T-Mobile USA: Bloomberg - MarketWatch
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    That would be nuts.
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    So they want to buy another mobile company that uses an incompatible technology? Someone at Sprint really needs their head examined (unless, of course, this time they want to switch from CDMA to GSM and this gives them a major start on that process).
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    My guess is that they would want GSM and phase out CDMA.
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    But isn't CDMA the newer technology and supposedly better? From my understanding Sprint does not have the financial backing to increase the size of its consumer base and stop bleeding out money.
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    It is about the use of spectrum these companies own. Here is an interesting article.
    LTE Spectrum: Its War LTE Spectrum: It’s War
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    Sprint buying ANOTHER incompatible network (with odd spectrum)? It wouldn't even be gaining LTE...
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    No way Sprint would ever phase out CDMA in favor of GSM. Abandoning all that spectrum and infrastructure they have built up from day one? Ludicrous to even suggest it. If you want an idea of what they would do with T-Mo, look at Nextel. Nothing wrong with diversifying.
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    Well, AT&T is confirmed to be buying T-Mobile. Where does this leave Sprint going forward? I shudder to think of the consequences, but will they be forced to join forces with Verizon to survive or can they go it alone?
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    Sprint should buy Cricket
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    Cricket buys its network time wholesale from Sprint, so Sprint would not gain anything from buying Cricket. Cricket operates entirely on Sprint's network--they don't have their own.
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