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    Quote Originally Posted by Vyruz Reaper View Post
    Specs are real buddy... I am in the same boat, and it will be funny thing when the Evo 3D will come out before the Pre3...

    Whats really holding me back besides webOS' OS is

    1) Touchstone, I love that thing charging in my car.. and the touchpad etc

    2) Based of touchstone.... touch to share and the ability to answer phone calls on the touchpad.

    All this means **** if Pre3 doesnt come onto sprint
    I know, the Touchstone is the thing I would miss the most about the Pre, I have 3, 1 in the car, home and work.
    I can't imagine having to plug something in to charge.
    But you can get used to it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by patchs View Post
    Pre 3 is yesterday's news compared to Evo 3D (if the specs are true).
    Look, I love Web OS, have owned a Pre since June 6, 2009 but the EVO 3D looks to be a monster uber device.
    After reading that Android Forums thread, I'm almost ready to jump. I just want to wait for an official Sprint-HP announcement with specs and see exactly what the Pre 3 will be.
    Whats sad is the Pre 3 will probably run faster and smoother then the EVO3D with less specs. But don't forget the Pre 3 is a powerful phone too. And WebOS can make use of it's hardware better then Android (although I will get the EVO3D if Pre 3 does not come to Sprint).

    Quote Originally Posted by shloime View Post
    what are the hot specs on the evo 3d that makes you think about droping the pre 3?
    Same screen res as the iPhone 4, 3D goodness with no glasses, dual core 1.2 Snapdragon processor (probably similar or same as in TouchPad) 1GB of RAM, dual 5 mp camera on back to take 10 mp pictures and to take 3D pictures. Android 2.3 Gingerbread. WiMAX + LTE 4G. Bigger battery. All of this and more makes the EVO3D a super phone and continues the EVO legacy!
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    i love webOS, but not enough to drop Sprint. Evo3D will be my new phone if Sprint doesnt get the Pre3.

    The 3D looks ok and could be fun every once in awhile...but early reports say the phone is wicked fast in general
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    Quote Originally Posted by shloime View Post
    just to understand, can you be more specific? like : how much more resolution, how much bigger screen, how much better the os,etc?
    for me, it's the fact it's basically a TouchPad (same dual core/gpu config) in a small package. that means it will be a lot more future proof than a single core device. Performance looks really smooth.

    Pre3 might be smooth too, but what happens w/ webOS 3? Will it translate, or will it be dead in the water a year from now? I gotta think in 2yr increments cause I don't want to sign a new contract every 2yrs, nor spend the money for a new phone if i can help it.

    I'm also heavily tied with Google, for better or worse. It's actually surprising I *don't* have an Android device. It would probably be easier for me, especially with a good gmail client (tho, does android support multiple google apps accounts w/ that...)

    On the flip side.. the EVO 3D is huge. Part of why I've been holding out for so long is I LOVE the Pre form factor. And the bump to a 3.6" screen is almost perfect I think for me.

    Oh, and the touchstone. Not having to plug my phone in to charge... yeah, it's a small convenience feature, but man... do I love it.

    Also, I'm on my 2nd Pre, being a Day 1 owner. My first one lasted 11 months. I am close to that now w/ my 2nd one. It may simply be a question of logistics. Unless I can find a cheap pre/pixi locally to tide me over. sidenote: my brother still has his day 1 pre.
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