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    So like most Sprint Premier customers who are supposed to have an upgrade this Summer, but after April 1st will fall into the Sprint Premier Silver and not be eligible until another year, I was quite upset. I looked at some posts on various forums about others like me who have an upcoming upgrade this Summer but will lose it with the upcoming Sprint Premier changes. After HP's February 9th announcement of a Summer time frame for the Pre3, I got excited since I would be eligible for an upgrade in June (even though nothing was said about Sprint getting it, I'm keeping my fingers crossed!). After doing some research I found out that I will have to wait until June 2012 and not June 2011 for 2 year pricing on a new phone once the new Sprint Premier changes kick in, so I sent an email to`

    In that email I politely addressed my concerns. A gentlemen called me back a few days later from the office of Dan Hesse and we spoke, he called to speak to me about the issue at hand and told me he would try to work something out for me, he called me on Tuesday and let me know that they pushed back my upgrade to 3/1/2011 (from 6/1/2011). This allows me to upgrade to any phone I want starting now until whenever (regardless of the Sprint Premier changes). The man was very polite and gave me his personal work phone to reach him directly.

    So, now I just hope that the Pre3 will be coming to Sprint!
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    I guess congrats are in order, but I don't really understand what you're saying completely.

    When did you buy your current phone? You mentioned that they pushed your upgrade up to 3/1/11 from 6/1/11. If it was already coming at 6/1/11, then why did you think you'd have to wait until 2012 to get 2-year pricing? Are you a launch day Pre owner?

    I got lucky and have been with Sprint for over 10 years, so I get to keep my annual upgrades as a Premier Gold Member, but I'm still on my launch day Pre and with the Pre3 hopefully coming to Sprint this summer then even if I lost annual upgrades, I'd still be able to upgrade.
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    Sorry I wasn't clear, they pushed my upgrade from 6/1/2011 (which is my 12 month mark, which will be removed April 1st, which would have forced me to wait until June 2012). I was due for an upgrade in May 2010 (22 month mark), I purchased an Evo and signed a new 2 ear agreement in June 2010. Sold the Evo and went back to the Pre. So my 22 months are up in July 2012. Because I'm a Sprint Premier customer, I should be able to upgrade in June 2011. But because of the recent policy changes, I would have had to wait until my 22 month mark. I emailed Sprint, and they worked something out for me. I suggest people politely address there concern and see how it goes!
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    Oh, I got you. Sorry, not sure why I didn't follow before.
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    I called Sprint on Feb 16 when I noticed online that they had screwed up my end of contract date of July 2011 (long story). Instead they had my contract ending August 2012. The first thing customer service said was they apologized for the error and as a valued customer they would like to give me $45. I gladly accepted. She also said for my trouble she would allow me to be eligible for an upgrade and $150 discount for the next year. But I just checked my eligibility online and they started me with a new 2 yr contract starting Feb 16 2011 and ending in 2 yrs! I immediately called Sprint and they said when I accepted the $45 I was accepting a new 2 yr contract! I told customer service I was not told that the $45 acceptance meant that. He immediately changed my contract date back to ending July 2011. So be wary if they offer to extend your eligibility and offer you money: you may be agreeing to a two year contract!
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    Yea, Sprint reps have a thing for screwing up, but online is says this:
    "Save $150 on a new phone now!
    We love you, and to say thanks for spending time with us, you qualified on 03/01/11 to save $150."

    This wasn't there until today. and it says my contract was fulfilled 7/29/10 too.
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    However, be careful that if you are waiting for the Pre3 to come this summer, you will lose your upgrade on 4/1 when the Sprint Premier changes go into effect. They are clear that once 4/1 hits, you will be under the new rules of 12 months for Gold and 22 months for Silver upgrades. So, unless you use that upgrade in the next 4 weeks, you may have to wait until 1/1/12 before your next upgrade.
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    As long as it's in writing... and it's probably worth asking for more than a 3 month window. Unless Sprint has the best secret-keeping methods in the world, I'd be surprised if they can move fast enough to have a new webOS phone launched by June. I really hope I'm wrong, because I think the Sprint Pre- users are what kept Palm and webOS alive and they are some of the most loyal Sprint customers I've ever seen. But, they would need to already be well along on testing, contracts, manufacturing, etc. etc. to have a CDMA Pre3 ready in the next 90 days. If not, you should make them extend that time for you. If not, I guess you upgrade to whatever sells for the most on Ebay and use the $ to buy whatever webOS phone Sprint eventually launches. I did that a few times on VZW for secondary lines when the upgrade timing didn't line up. Ended up getting enough from selling the devices to make the off-contract cost to me about the same as the upgrade price but without having to extend the contract renewal date.
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    I'm off contract at the moment as I stated above, the changes won't make a difference for me. I also asked him whether I have to use it before April 1st and he said it wouldn't.

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