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    Anyone seen this? 1st time seeing that there and i was just planning out my new upgrade phone if it doesnt go to sprint or if i cannot wait for it. Seems wierd that its there considering that it says "New" although it as the Palm name there. idk if its always been there but, if it hasnt maybe its a hint?
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    i smell Pre3
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    I feel like that might have been there before seeing as it says Palm webOS and not HP but hey, here's to dreaming.

    I hope it really is for HP's webOS and not for Pre-'s.

    Also, good find
    Sprint Love
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    I never used the comparison feature on Sprint's website, so I have no idea if this is a recent addition.
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    Unfornately.. it's not about new WebOS.. it's about the old stuff as seen in this Palm Pixi description
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    had to post again so i could link it
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    Here is to hoping you are right

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    That would be a tremendous find if it holds up! Thanks OP!
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    Has no one clicked the link i provided that showed the exact same "New Palm WebOS" that was listed on the Palm Pixi that is on Sprints website? It obviously shows that that is old and is from the original sprint pre and pixi release.
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    thats been there since they added the pre-
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    I think its for the Pre- and the pixi but lets hope they will get new Webos Phones by summer

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