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    This is copyed off facebook.

    Me: ▶ Sprint: I love your prices and I love your service im just really hoping you guys get new HPalm devices! Viva la Sprint! Viva la HPalm!

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    David Farmer: They're not. They are going to Verizion. The Pre 2 is being released tomorrow. I doubt Sprint will get the Pre 3 sometime this summer, but I could be wrong.

    Randy Jackson: yo sprint is getting the pre 3 but no ones getting it until the summer when it releases

    Sprint: Thanks, Jarid. Unfortunately, at this time, we have no information regarding HPalm devices coming to Sprint. As new information becomes available, we will make an official announcement.

    Me : awesome thanks!
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    ^even they said HPalm. /win
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    And Randy Jackson took time off AI to chime in too. Yo Dawg!
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    Quote Originally Posted by hellonnnewman View Post
    and randy jackson took time off ai to chime in too. Yo dawg!
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    Quote Originally Posted by HelloNNNewman View Post
    And Randy Jackson took time off AI to chime in too. Yo Dawg!
    I know that guy w.e. He is is my hero.

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