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    Even though I just canceled my account, I think Sprint is the most military-friendly service provider. Here is why.
    • 15% discount.
    • Zero-cost suspensions for up to 36 months, during which time you still accrue time on your contract. For example, you can have an active line for 12 months, military suspend it for 12 months, and when you reactivate it you have 24 months that count for an upgrade, or completion of your two year contract, which doesn't really matter because...

    So if you or someone you know is active duty military on Sprint, and they need to suspend or cancel their Sprint number, let them know to call the number below, which dedicated team for military.

    Sprint military customer support
    (877) 445-0771
    M-F 0900-2100 CST
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    I have lots of friends that take advantage of this deal. It really is the best out there.

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