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    Quote Originally Posted by jonathan likes the pre View Post

    [Android isn't] "good enough to put the Sprint brand on."

    Today Android is their $#1 priority.

    Things can change, this means nothing. It's all up to HP. Unfortunately that doesn't leave me feeling too confident but at least the opportunity is there, no one is closing the door on them right away. The industry wants HPalm to succeed.
    1: Who is the "industry"?
    2: Is Google, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, RIM, HTC, Dell, Nokia part of the "industry"?
    3: Who is the CTO/CEO of the "industry"?
    4: What is the ticker for the "industry"?
    5: Will the "industry" cease to exist if HP fails in the smartphone market?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikah912 View Post
    As opposed to the miniscule Nokia, which has been in a lengthy downward spiral, or the scrappy upstart RIM, which has done the exact same, marketshare wise?

    Titans fail in this industry all of the time. HP's "global reach" and "size", thus far, has produced no faster execution than Palm, no better launch for products like the Palm Pre 2, or...much of anything.

    Yet. This is most certainly subject to change, and I hope it does. I don't want a world with Android and Apple and nothing else. I love competition, and I want WebOS to be one of the competitors. But it aint...yet.

    But even if it becomes a two-horse race...that will last for a number of years....and then things will change yet again.
    Exactly. WebOS may have a chance, but not really until 2013 or beyond. Until then, I'm choosing a horse. However, Verizon and At&T may be cost prohibitive for me. It may time for a 4G Android phone.
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