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    When they abruptly decided to take their phones off their respective phone stores?

    Just a thought...
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    i think part of the reason is that to offer an OTA update it will cost sprint and verizon some money and personale to authorize it. combined with the EOL they did not want to spend more money on these devices, so HP had to make a business decision... oh wellzZz
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    no, that was way too long ago. But, it's possible that the carriers were involved in making the decision about 2.0 because updates take lots of resources to deliver.

    I need to write an article about that and send it somewhere to see if it would be worth publishing. The problem is that when I think back on when I was involved in that sort of thing with an RBOC, that pain behind my eye returns and my BP goes up about 30 points...
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    I don't think they knew much more than we did. It seems like HP had everyone in the dark until recently.

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    Well given the evidence of the Update checker saying certain phones on some networks may get it.... It seems like the providers knew and they are the reason we are not getting the update, not necessarily HP/Palm.

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