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    My understanding is that every now and then Sprint changes terms of service and must give customers a window of opportunity to cancel their contracts without a penalty. Is that correct and what is the easiest way to know when this happens?

    I have the phone replacement insurance on all of my pre phones. I'm thinking I need to drop that since I will have to replace those myself if I want a pre. Does that sound reasonable?
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    The easiest way is when they change pricing on the contract. On March 1st they're changing the 411 fee from 1.79 to 1.99 I'm not sure if this changes anything and I can cancel without fees, but I'm fed up with Sprint getting crappy phones and crappy service.
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    When they change ToS you will receive a postal mailing describing the changes. However, ToS changes are often made to comply with changes in the law, which of course Sprint is not accountable for (Sprint does not make the law). The only way you can cancel early and avoid the ETF is if Sprint is accountable for making a materially adverse change to your contract during the contract. Sprint isn't stupid so this doesn't happen often.

    411 services are provided by a party other than Sprint, which Sprint provides pass-through billing to. So no, an increase in 411 costs does not constitute a materially adverse change to your contract on the behalf of Sprint. However, if you make a big enough stink out of it, you might eventually find a rep that will give in and let you out of your contract.
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    Regarding the insurance, it's not worth paying for, especially if you have an older phone like the Pre or the Pixi. Insurance on smartphones carries a $100 deductible, which of course means you must pay $100 to have your phone replaced by your insurance. Add to that the total amount of monthly premiums you have paid up until the point of needing a replacement, and unless you are a total klutz with your phones and require replacements often, the amount will likely be close to the price of buying the phone outright on your own. If you want a Pre as a replacement, it makes even less sense to pay for insurance, since Pres are regularly selling on eBay for less than $100.
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