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    Just spoke with a Sprint rep on an echat. In the coming days? probably just an announcement, but I certainly hope they release it within reason of HP's set range!

    12:54:38 : rob: Initial Question/Comment: HP phones

    12:54:48 : You are number (2) in queue.

    12:54:48 : Please wait and the next available account specialist will be with you shortly.

    12:55:08 : If you are chatting today for Technical Support, please call 1-888-211-4727.

    12:55:28 : If you are a corporate business customer and need assistance with your account, please call 1-800-927-2199.

    12:55:48 : Did you know Sprint 4G is now available in over 70 markets and growing? Visit to learn more. Thanks for your patience. We look forward to chatting with you.

    12:56:03 : Frannie K. has joined this session!

    12:56:03 : Connected with Frannie K.. Your Reference Number for this chat session is 2168077.

    12:56:03 : Thank you for contacting Sprint. My name is Frannie K..

    12:56:17 : rob: hi

    12:56:44 : Frannie K.: Hello.

    12:56:50 : rob: was wondering if you had any idea if the new HP phones or tablet would be released on sprint

    12:57:08 : Frannie K.: I am happy to help you. Please give me a moment to look into it.

    12:58:49 : Frannie K.: Thank you for your patience, I will have that information shortly.

    12:59:00 : rob: thanks

    12:59:19 : Frannie K.: You're welcome.

    13:00:34 : Frannie K.: I have checked the details and we are going to offer HP pre and Tablet in coming dates.

    13:00:46 : rob: how about the veer?

    13:00:59 : Frannie K.: Yes.

    13:01:22 : rob: will sprint release veer in the spring as is stated on the palm website?

    13:01:59 : rob: and yes i am interested in all 3

    13:02:00 : rob:

    13:02:07 : rob: highly interested

    13:02:19 : Frannie K.: I am sorry we can not provide any particular date for it. It is just an expectation.

    13:03:08 : rob: but is it a solidly confirmed expectation?

    13:03:44 : Frannie K.: Yes, we will surely offer it in future coming days , I assure you.

    13:03:54 : rob: awesooommmeeeee!!!

    13:03:58 : rob: thanks a bunch!

    13:04:09 : Frannie K.: You're welcome.
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    Your title contradicts itself. But glad to see one of the reps says yes.

    Salt taken.

    Edit: Looks like you realized the title bit yourself. :P
    Sprint Love
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    the veer was announce only as a gsm phone. no?
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    Some person in India says we are getting the Palm devices! That is like gold!
    *Patchers STILL make this phone Perfect!
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    The rep said that Sprint will be carrying the Veer. The Veer is GSM-only.

    Credibility destroyed. lol

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    NO, I'm holding her to it, personally!!! She WILL get me my Pre3 on Sprint OR ELSE!
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    If I take this with as much salt as it requires, I'll be back in the hospital.

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    Veer is GSM only, FWIW.
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    Off with frannies head!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by iRobot View Post
    Off with frannies head!!!!
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    Waiting to hear back from Dan myself...
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    Agreed, the Sprint rep the first poster spoke with has no credibility. I also did an e-chat with a Sprint rep today. At least I got the response I was expecting - no information available on any new HP phone and an attempt to steer me to a 4G Android phone.
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    Not to beat this to death, but word choice is so important:


    made certain as to truth, accuracy, validity, availability, etc.: confirmed reports of new fighting at the front; confirmed reservations on the three o'clock flight to Denver.
    settled; ratified.
    firmly established in a habit or condition;
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    Well maybe rep is getting the Veer thats what he meant since it is GSM version.
    These reps dont know anything except what they read from the screen.
    No one in Sprint will give answer since everything is hush hush, everyone tight lips on HP side and Sprint side. I personally giving them till june time right about when the iphone 5 comes out, if Sprint does not get the Pre 3 I will be forced to leave, sorry to say this. Shame such a shame.
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    Fingers crossed baby, fingers crossed.
    WebOS used to be great! 👎

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    this was a good laugh
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    regardless of what anyone says, you can pick my post to pieces, so what? everyone KNOWS the phone will come out at some point in the future. getting a possible confirmation for sprint was all i cared about. and at this point, sprint users have something to keep their fingers crossed for (and for me).

    everything is a grain of salt to 99.9999999999999999999999% of whatevers on the internet (exaggerated) :P
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    As long as the Pre 3 comes to Sprint in June, I'll be very happy.
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    I just eChatted with a Sprint rep and asked if they are getting the new HP Snipe phone. They said yes!

    I can't wait.
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    That echat means nothing to us. They don't have a clue of new devices coming out on their network. They only know what is currently available or has been officially announced on their website. So, unless it comes from a VP or somebody else that doesn't get pay minimum salary this is all just BS.
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