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    I LOVE my Pre. No, I love my webOS. I hate my Pre Plus. After yesterday, and realizing that the Pre3 was pretty awesome (fast, bigger, front camera = pretty awesome for ME), I grew depressed over the fact that I won't have a discount for another year - and then it's my wife's turn. Then I found out that I won't even get the 2.0 update. Then this morning I found this on the Verizon website when I tried to value the Pre Plus as a trade-in:

    That really about sums it up, doesn't it?
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    I feel your pain I'm not up until sept. I was going to stay loyal as long as they bump apps up but with having now zero it sucks if hp was smart which I think right now we are questioning they would define that path right now. Rubenstein prob has the rest of the week off on his yacht so doubt anything will get done
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    least iphone is on verizon so I don't have to go with a droid

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