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    Quote Originally Posted by j_grouchy View Post
    Is this really a big deal? I have yet to run across a single instance where I would have needed simultaneous voice and data.
    I've used it frequently. Usually to look up something on-line while I am talking to someone on the phone. Probably mostly giving directions.

    Quote Originally Posted by zulfaqar621 View Post
    The voice/data is a limitation of the CDMA technology and not the phone or carrier per se.

    @soccerbud did you happen to be on wifi ( edit: looks like we were typing at the same time) when your dad called because the same limitation applies to Sprint as well.
    I've done this when I was out in the middle of no where, with no wifi, and (it turned out) some problem that prevented the phone from ever using wifi. (fixed on a replacement.) I think it's a feature of EVDO, as compared to whatever Verizon uses. Anyhow, it's a feature I like and use.

    I may switch to the EVO-with-a-keyboard on Sprint, or I may go with something cheap on Virgin, or I may buy a shiny new WebOS device. We shall see. But moving to Verizon isn't in my list of options.
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    Quote Originally Posted by errhead View Post
    i've got a very tight update window, i become eligible for my premier upgrade march 1st, and ineligible on april 1st when they change the requirements for the full upgrade
    i'd happily settle for a pre2 at that point, especially at the $99 pricepoint to upgrade to the glass screen and better build quality, plus all the little improvements over my pre minus. Otherwise i'm waiting another year to upgrade.
    I've still got my fingers crossed for a new webos device on sprint in the next month, but it's hard to keep hope alive
    That's exactly where I am on timing. If no webOS option is available soon, I may go the EVO Shift route (or something else that may become available in March). Only problem is if I do that I really AM stuck with that phone for 22 I am REALLY hoping for a webOS device.
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    Quote Originally Posted by damnregister View Post
    and you need the full gig of ram for... Um what? Playing 3 games simultaneously? Webos needs some hardware accel for drawing and everything rocks.
    Saying I dont need a gig of ram today is like saying I didn't need a gig of ram in my computer 8 years ago. More ram = faster, bigger, better apps. A more stable OS ect.ect. ect... Why limit what dev's can do. Give them more and you will have more.

    If last years standard was 512/768 then today's standard should be 1 gig.
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    Well I guess it was a good run for me and Webos. Bye bye Palm. You dont seem to get what users want and now your users will leave. You cant just keep re-releasing the same phone 3 times.

    (I know its not the same exact phone, this one is a tad bigger and faster. SO What. Its still the same in a way.)
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    I feel the same way... I love synergy and the homebrew community.. but 3 phones that are basically the same just with a bit more power.... I guess it's EVO time...
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    What a big disappointment. Nothing for Sprint....bye bye webos and HP...
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    that was a epic failure and a disappointment, apparently android gets it and palm does no. just as stated above its still a pre
    goodbye palm after 2 years, hello EVO
    Duetschland Uber Alles
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    Bye guys. See ya back in the summer
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    I got an evo, yay for me. I miss swipe, cards and multitasking. I don't miss the hardware of the pre.

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    I know longer miss swipe, cards and multitasking. I dont miss anything about the Pre. I also replaced my wife's pre with an EVO. We are both happier then ever with these phones.

    I have 3 pre's sitting on my bar, if anybody needs parts email me @
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