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    Who do you think should? Assuming it happens, of course.
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    If someone were to buy Sprint, they's be crazy... IMHO
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    Ah, in a land of unicorns and rainbows.... A company like HP or apple could buy out a cell carrier and make some bank. Future upgrades to the system could be customized to specific hardware (or with hardware in mind.... wimax = big battery drain = big no-no).

    Unfortunately, I think the most logical thing, would be for Google to buy out a cell carrier... think of the advertising they could push down everyone's throat. Your bill would have ads on it, the envelope the bill comes in would have ads, and every other text you would recieve would be yet another ad.

    Edit: on the bright side, terrorists would be unable to use the network for bombing techniques because of all the ad texts, so maybe not so bad for Google to buy one out... Would-Be Suicide Bomber Killed by Unexpected SMS From Mobile Carrier | Threat Level |

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    i see no reason why anyone would want to buy sprint. especially nontelecom companies like apple and google. Google's a software company and really it's just an advertising platform. managing towers and stores and all that aren't exactly there area. Same with Apple. And besides were i them i'd rather buy a good company like Verizon rather then a struggling one. Plus i've heard the cdma technology is an issue and the purchase of that wimax company is a problem too since most companies wouldn't want to use them. Meaning they'd be an utter drain on their company. Kinda like the Nextel purchase by sprint didn't work. But who knows maybe their's a foriegn company with a plan to make it work or the cash to fund changing their infrastructure. but if it fell low in price someone may get intersted. just no idea who or why.

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