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    What are you guys getting for 3G/4G data speeds?
    (I determined my using Android application on Evo 4G.)

    Here in Alpharetta:
    3G: ~1 Mbps (most of the time around .68Mbps)
    4g: ~10 Mbps

    Are these normal or are my 3G speeds low?
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    I don't have "4G" to test but usually my 3G speeds are near 2.2Mbps.

    Yours seems super slow.
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    I get about 300kbps in most places in Chicago, sometimes 400 or 500 kbps. Don't have any 4G devices to test it with... but Sprint 3G isn't that fast here.
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    I'm getting around 1.2 to 1.3 Mbps on 3G here in Providence, RI (its a 4G city).

    I don't have anything with 4G (no thanks to HPalm) to test those speeds though. : /.
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    I get around 1Mbps down / .2Mbps up on Sprint 3G. I got about 7Mbps down/3Mbps up when I tested an Epic 4g at my house (supposedly a crappy antenna or bad firmware at launch). I get about 21Mbps down and 7Mbps up on LTE with very low pings over verizon. I'm hoping VZW gets the next palm phone first. Sprint can die in a fire from their premium data charges
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    3g speeds 1 mbps

    4g speeds 6mbps

    Here in Winston-Salem
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    3g usually 1.2mbps and i've usually get 15-17mbps near the airport and 5-7mbps in the burbs chicago.
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    I know what we are getting in my area. "0" Mpps! We still don't have 3G service in South west Louisiana...but that doesn't stop Sprint from charging the $10 premium for 4G devices and all smartphones activated after Jan. 30th
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    I'd like to know what people are using for their speedtest. Since there's no speed test app that I'm aware of on the Pre, I use Even there, the average speed for Sprint seems significantly lower (as of now, the average says 727.08 kbps) than what most people are reporting their speed is here.

    I know my speed is below average, but it really makes me think Sprint's 3G service speed is horrible here, and I should re-evaluate and consider T-Mobile since their 3G speed is the fastest (1170.22 kbps average). If I'll have to be paying an extra $20/month (two lines) for my next upgrades, it doesn't make sense to pay a "Premium Data" fee when I'm only getting 300kbps in most places I use mobile internet.

    Maybe it's not even Sprint's fault and its just a problem with the browser on the Pre? Who knows.
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    My best T-Mobile speed test on my HTC HD2 was around 5mbps. My average is around 3mbps.

    I definitely recommend T-Mobile.
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    Anybody here try Clearwire (part of Sprint)?
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    I used the app for Android on EVO 4G. I also used Speakeasy speed test just now (requires Adobe Flash) and got 1.25Mbps for 3G upload (max). 9.29Mbps for 4G (max).

    This is in Alpharetta, GA. About 20 miles north of the Atlanta city limits but well within Sprint's 3G and 4G areas...
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    I just ran on my Pre in central CT about 15 miles south of Hartford and got 374kbps. When I went to the compare screen that was about half the average for Sprint. It should be noted I'm inside a building with a good amount of electronic equipment around me. I'll try later when I'm not around all the equipment.
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    Around Chicago Sprint is 1.5 mbps 3G and 5 mbps 4G.
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    I use CLEAR 4G at home with the big modem. Gets 5-lights, and 1mbs up, ~2.5mbs down ; sometimes the local tower flakes out (high wind) and a 1-light tower gets engaged at slightly faster download speed.

    Still, it's good enough at $40/month. Comcast was ripping me off a $68/month for 6mbs down

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