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    Another clue is timing. It goes:
    2/7 Sprint big announcement
    2/9 Palm big announcement
    2/13-16 Mobile World

    Palm is announcing just before MWC to upstage it. Then Sprint upstaged Palm.

    Sprint would never have done that if any part of Palm's plan included Sprint.

    At CES, every other carrier announced 6 - 13 new Android phones. Sprint only had the Shift that everyone already knew about and was already shipping during CES.

    BlackBerry is just waiting for the coroner to pronounce it dead.

    What does that leave?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadavis08 View Post
    still people at sprint are paying 20 less than t-mobile users and 40 less than what either att and verizon customers pay for a plan anywhere close to the sprint 450 unlimited plan .
    With Sprint's new fee, I'm paying $10 less a month for a comparible plan on T-Mobile...
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    Seems like BGR got their hands on an internal Sprint memo that gave a better explanation of the new fees... kinda...

    BGR has obtained a memo being sent around to third-party Sprint retailers that sheds a bit more light on the company’s recently announced $10 Premium Data fee. The fee will be applied on all lines that upgrade to or activate a new smartphone after January 30th. The $10 tariff will apply to all individual lines and all family plan lines — so three smartphones on a family plan using equals an extra $30 per month. The memo states that the move will allow Sprint to “offer simple and affordable unlimited data plans” while “maintaining a wireless network able to meet the growing appetite for mobile data.” The only customers exempt from the new fee will be those customers tied to select corporate accounts.
    Premium Data Add-on Charge for All Smartphones

    Effective 1/30/11, all current and future 3G and 3G/4G smartphone activations will require the $10/month Premium Data Add-on charge. This allows Sprint to continue to offer simple and affordable unlimited data plans for our smartphone customers, while maintaining a wireless network able to meet the growing appetite for mobile data.

    Complete details are included in the Premium Data Add-on Charge Launch Guide found on ISC > Quick Links > Premium Data Add-on Charge.


    The Premium Data Add-on charge applies to:

    * All smartphones operating on the CDMA, iDEN and 4G networks.
    o A smartphone is defined as a device that supports a robust operating system including: Android, BlackBerry, Instinct, Palm and Windows Mobile.
    * All customers activating a new line or upgrading/swapping existing lines (consumer, IL, and most CL customers).

    The Premium Data Add-on charge does NOT apply to:

    * S&R exchanges (warranty or insurance events)
    * 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee devices exchanges for handsets activated 1/1/11 to 1/29/11
    * Existing smartphone customers will remain on their current rate plan, until they upgrade, perform an ESN swap or activate a new smartphone
    * Existing Seasonal Standby customers prior to 1/30/11
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    I left something out.

    Say Sprint were to get the 3G iPhone. They would for sure want the extra $10 on each iPhone, right?

    Sprint would need to have this in place before the iPhone 4 (non 4G) were announced by at least a week ahead.

    So if you wanted to annouce that you were getting the iPhone on Feb 7, you would need to have the $10 fee established about 1/31.

    You would probably have to wait until after Verizon had the iPhone in stores (2/2) before you could make your announcement.
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    If this is the Sprint iPhone, than how is it a "first". I am just wondering.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pogeypre View Post
    If this is the Sprint iPhone, than how is it a "first". I am just wondering.
    It'll be the first "Sprint iPhone" other carrier has yet to offer a "Sprint iPhone".

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    In theory it could be the first 4G iphone with wimax. I doubt that's it though.
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    Like I care. I am already paying the $10 for my evo. And streaming music all day.

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    ... and they need a magician to make the Sprint iPhone magically appear?

    I'm still holding out hope that its a new wireless feature that all Sprint smartphone customers can benefit from, regardless of which smartphone you're using. Announcing the $10 premium data fee now just gets it out the way so when the announcement comes around, its all good news.
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