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    this really makes me want to switch to sprint! My contract is up in march
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    Is that $100 credit on top of any other deductions of MSRP, that you get after 2 years?

    for example sprint when you sign a new 2 year contract with sprint they give you $150 dollars of MSRP, plus any additional instant or mail-in rebates. Then after 1 year you are eligible for $75 off msrp, and after 2 years you are eligible for the full $150 again plus any instant or mail-in rebates. (obviously this does not apply to premier members who get new phone every year)

    I thought verizon does something similar but adds an additional $100 credit on top of the $150 off MRSP. And that is the $100 credit they are discontinuing...Am I wrong?, any verizon customers wanna chime in with any details of how it works.
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    Verizon might be the biggest carrier with the supposedly best coverage and with lots of new phone choices but your going to pay for it. What's next the two for one program? if not already.

    Sprint ftw.

    Sfm Evo
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    all I know is if vzw doesn't carry a webOS device in the future, then I will be changing carriers. The policies vzw has been setting recently are getting out of hand. I hope sprint and/or Tmobile work in Jersey!
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    We have gotten many phones for free or near free on the primary line because of the extra $100. I think we may have even received a credit before.
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    Verizon rejiggers its upgrade program
    Dear Maggie,
    Please tell me that this Smartmoney article is wrong and that Verizon IS NOT ending the "New Every Two" program in three days. Am I the only one who is just a little outraged at this? I count on it! I have two phones, one is my personal phone and the other I have through work. I'm ready to upgrade them both. Will I be able to upgrade to a new Verizon iPhone? Please tell me that I can!
    Dear Michael,
    I have some good news for you and some bad news. First, the good news. You can still use your "New Every Two" credits toward the purchase of your Verizon iPhone. This means that if you have a credit of $100 under this plan, you can get the new iPhone 4 16GB for Verizon for $99.
    Now for the bad news, Verizon is discontinuing this program as of January 16. And once you use up your credit, you won't earn anymore. Brenda Raney, a spokeswoman for Verizon Wireless, said the company is shifting to a "simpler program" in which customers will be offered promotions and discounts directly.
    "We are a retail business so the New Every Two promotion is evolving to be more in line with how retailers work with customers today," she said in an e-mail. "This will include promotional offers via e-mail based on preferences that are more tailored to customers' needs."
    Raney said that customers will still get access to great promotional pricing under the new plan. And subscribers will still be eligible for upgrades before their contracts end. For example, customers on 1-year contracts will get to upgrade via a promotion starting at 10 months. And someone on a 2-year contract will be eligible for an upgrade after 20 months.
    Customers under contract prior to January 16, 2011, who meet the qualifications for New Every Two program will be grandfathered so they can use the benefit one more time, she said.
    But for customers signing up after January 16, they will not get to access this program. I hope this helps clarify things for you!

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