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    Hey guys I'm new in the forum and I just have a simple question, hope you can help
    I want to buy a pixi plus or a pre plus for my parents. They have a plan that has no internet, they want to keep their plan and they don't want to pay any extra fee for having internet.
    My idea was buying a pixi plus or a pre plus on ebay and activating it with only voice service and using internet via wifi. In verizon wireless they keep telling me that it cant be done and that if I want to activate a smartphone the internet fee will be charged automatically.

    Is there any way I can have a pixi plus or pre plus with my old plan and not having the internet fee??

    Thank you for your time!!
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    Verizons plans are determined by the type of phone, when I was with Verizon and I upgraded my daughter to an LG phone, because the phone had internet features, I was forced to upgrade to a higher rate plan.
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    If you activate it through Verizon, I dont think you can. A data plan is necessary with pretty much any smartphone
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    I dont think so. Once the IMEI is registered with the carrier they can tell that the device is a smartphone and it will trigger a note to them that you need to add a data plan.
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    I don't know the answer to this, but that doesn't sound right to me. I think they force you to chose a data plan only to recoup their subsidy on the smartphones when you buy them at a discount with a contract. If you already own the phone, I don't see why they would force you into a data plan.

    The bigger problem might be activating the Pre/Pixi without data service. The first time you use the phone and create the Palm Profile, it uses the 3G network to communicate. Only after the phone is activated and running can you set up wi-fi. Meta Doctor will let you use wi-fi only, but I think that "permanently" disables the CDMA radio.
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    I'm on Verizon. I can tell you that they will not let you activate a current smartphone without a data plan. But they introduced a $15 data plan. But don't get that unless you NEVER will use the 3G radio. The $15plan isn't enough data to get through more than a week of use.
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    You can do what Cantaffordit said. It would only be 15 dollars extra and there are options to turn off data on the phone. I dont remember if its by default or by patches. I have my phone patched so much I cant tell what options came with the phone. lol
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    It is a built in switch. In the dialer settings, you can turn off the switch for data just like you can for international dialing.

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