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  • Great!!!! Don't know what I was worrying about.

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  • Well, at least it's something.

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  • Kyocera?!?!?!?!?!?

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  • Uh, Sprint.... Sprint???? Anyone home? Think Sprint, Think....

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    They couldve posted one picture of this phone online to get feedback and they wouldve avoided all of this. They pretty much made a nintendo ds with no buttons that also makes phone calls.
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    i hate my life as of 2 hours ago. Please HP, rescue me!!!
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    What if we are up for a big let down on the palm announcement? It would be so funny if right now palm was like "oh no maybe the whole dual screen nintendo ds thing isnt a good idea" cancel the feb 9th announcement
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    Sprint Job Openings

    Position: CEO

    Requirements: At least half a brain

    Start Date: NOW !
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    Quote Originally Posted by bignoze View Post
    what a piece of junk....
    Yes....but she'll make point 5 past last speed!

    Sorry...couldn't resist!

    This phone just opens up the field for all sorts of jokes.
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    the whole announcement is just this kyocera ? no other phone, devices, or plans?
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    Seriously. I can't believe that Sprint just hyped up a special event for a whole month to announce a phone that

    - Looks like a cheap Chinese knockoff feature phone
    - Has no dual core chip
    - Has no 4G radio
    - Has no Gingerbread
    - Claims to "simultask" but can't actually run two apps simultaneously (it freezes the app on one screen while you work on the other)
    - Can't handle 3rd party Android apps properly unless you're in single screen mode
    - Has no front-facing camera
    - Is made by Kyocera

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    Quote Originally Posted by lazslo11 View Post
    Sprint Job Openings

    Position: CEO

    Requirements: At least half a brain

    Start Date: NOW !
    hahaha hilarious!
    Gotta stay in the "NO"
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    this is horrible for sprint...
    Gotta stay in the "NO"
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    Sprint totally effed up on this one. I cannot believe they did all that hype and had the monkey of a magician camera specialist David Blaine with them. Here is what I told them on their FB page:

    Sprint hyped all that up for a Kyocera... that is just sad. The whole point of taking your product announcements outside of CES is to show off your BAD *** product without distraction. This was the kind of crap milling around CES and Sprint should have kept it there, not abuse the outside announcement playing card with a crap phone from a maker that is famous for crap phones.
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    Well, I'm going to be in the minority on this but I think that phone looks pretty cool. In fact, somewhere around here I posted about how I think a "flip phone" design could be really great, and I even posted about how much I liked using my Kyocera 7135, which was a PalmOS flip phone. It had the graffiti area and programmable buttons separate from the main PDA display, and it was a fantastic phone, and the hardware was very solid. My first two smartphones were made by Kyocera and ran PalmOS. The hardware design and build quality was excellent.

    I'm not planning to switch from Palm or VZW, but if/when that is a possibility, I'd take a serious look at what Sprint just announced from Kyocera.

    Obviously that will be subject to the details that emerge once this thing is available in the wild. But having the second screen could be really useful to me, especially when you want each screen to be doing something different (something I hope I can do with an upcoming webOS phone and PalmPad.) In theory, I like the idea. It will be interesting to see if reality lives up to the potential I think it has for actual use.

    And in terms of why Sprint didn't announce anything more... this is typical of Sprint in trying to focus 100% of the attention on the "first" and not waste effort on stuff that is already available. They probably wouldn't have announced any webOS device even if HP asked them to, unless it was a "first" that would separate them from everyone else. And it's a catch 22 that if they are planning anything really cool with Palm, it's a given that HP wouldn't be willing to let Sprint steal any thunder from their event on the 9th... But I also expect Sprint to be on stage and part of at least one device that HP will announce in SFO, or one of the other events HP is working on for MWC and their March announcement event.

    So don't waste the flames. I like using two displays with a PC, and I've even considered buying one of those 7" USB displays so I can still have two displays on my netbook when I'm on battery power or away from my desk. It's the same use case I am hoping to have with a Palm Phone/Pad combo. It may not be for everyone, but it's definitely something I want to have.
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    All of you guys on Sprint are looking at this entirely the wrong way. Seriously, just think of the fantastic offers they're going to have to come up with to keep us now!
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    If I buy one will it at least come with lamb shanks?
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    Iím underwhelmed!!
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    most reviews hate it engadget, BGR, and you can't multitask it's called hypertasking ? Most apps don't work with the dual screens. I'm good I hope HP dosent dissappoint smh
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    The Sprint forum right now has slowed to a crawl. Im sure there are a ton of people logging on looking for answers (me included) and the number to the dealer who has been selling the marketing and product teams some REALLY good drugs.
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    This is one of the ugliest devices I have seen in a while. The thing looks useless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wellwellwell11 View Post
    most reviews hate it engadget, BGR, and you can't multitask it's called hypertasking ? Most apps don't work with the dual screens. I'm good I hope HP dosent dissappoint smh
    EVERYONE is underwhelmed with this... WOW....just wow. And the worst part is that Sprint is going ALL IN with this device (hence their big "event") and the chance of them releasing any other devices is slim to none... Wow. Looks like my 12 years at Sprint my be coming to an end if 2/9 has nothing on Sprint...

    Quote Originally Posted by Best quote on cnet
    this is a fail sandwich on fail bread with extra failsauce, a side order of fail, and a fail soda
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    Being a sprint I customer I fear that this backlash will not bode well for any Feb 9th announcement being tied to sprint.... nor should it unless HPalm wants to look unCOOL!!!
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    I have NEVER seen such a marketing fail in my life... especially happen before my eyes. Out of the thousands of post ive glanced over maybe 3 or 4 actually said good about that phone. I think Dan Hesse's days are numbered... including the marketing department & product development heads too.

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