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    "That is of course until he tells them about the insurance price increase for it, the deductibles you have to pay, and the Apple insurance you should pay for." "

    What is all that ^^^ mean, by the way? I wondered that when I read that in a thread. What are all those add ons and what does that have to do with the price of an iPhone (either, singularly, or in relationship to other phones?)

    I am with ATT and am wondering if that is a Verizon thing because its not an Apple thing.
    I can't say with 100% certainty, but my experience in sales (from years ago) in the consumer electronics arena - when you have two different products, and one is significantly higher profit margin than the other, you look for reasons to sell the higher profit margin item.

    In this case, it might be just that particular salesperson's desire to move to a Pre device, or it might be from some internal direction to push to other products.
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    Well, I thought that was a given, in that story, that the salesman was a Pre fan.

    what I was curious about was what was the "insurance Price increase" and what "deductibles?"

    Those are not Apple fees, and I can't believe Verizon is requiring those.
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