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    Curious what the future of data service will be. Does T-Mobile charge extra for 4G? Will ATT and Verizon? Looks like most new high end devices will be 4G. I'm not thrilled about paying the extra $ each month, but need a new phone. If 4G becomes the standard, will we be forced to pay extra $. What do you think?
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    More than likely. The carriers do have the right to want to make a profit on it.

    I'm already paying it on Sprint, but don't mind.

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    T-Mobile does not currently charge extra for "4G" usage (technically none of these carriers are using 4G) but Sprint does, and I would bet Verizon and AT&T will. I don't think you will be forced to buy a 4G phone if you want a new phone soon. I think if you want the highest of high-end smartphones you might have to start getting 4G. I think data plans will remain the same for most, other than adjust the amount you get and pay for due to the extra data usage (for the near future). I also think that eventually all companies will either have to reduce how we use data, or let everyone run wild and offer competitive unlimited data plans. Something has to give.

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